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Who will win the Premier League this season?

Leicester City
Manchester City
Manchester United
West Ham
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Forgot to Add Chelsea also drew with Stoke at Home.
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Just presenting some facts to back up your false statement :)

Team isnt poor.

Pretty Solid. Walcott, Rosicky, Ramsey, Diaby etcc for back up. Get 2 more players, a ST and a DCM and we are sorted.

Thats the Line-up id like Arsenal to use aswell, Depening on who they sign

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Speaking of the Liverpool v City game, I was pretty disappointed that we played well, yet had to settle for a point. I can't believe a player at this level would pass the ball to the keeper without lifting his head .. geez Skertl. We need another right back as a back up for Glen, because Kelly is crap. As for Sahin (that is his name Snik lol), he could very much fit into Rodgers plans of quick passing football, as I've watched him a lot when he was at Dortmund, and quick passes were their style that led them to the Bundesliga title.

Back to Arsenal, you have to remember that Podolski has had this dip in form since joining Bayern Munich, and he never really regained it. Scoring for Koln in the Bundesliga, is much different than scoring for Arsenal. Not suggesting that the German league is weak, but still the level is not the same. I'm a German supporter and I know every single German player, and the minute I heard Podolski was joining Arsenal I was happy, yet felt bad for Arsenal, as hes not the man for this team, at least not with his current form.

Giroud was top scorer of the french league, but hes not that star striker or the replacement for RVP. Hes not even a starter for France.

Selling Song WAS a mistake, I wonder how could you Arsenal fans deny the fact of how important he was for the team.  :o

Another striker is a priority for Arsenal, and offloading Chamakh and Bendtner instead of holding onto them without playing them. A skillful winger is also a good option.

Although I'm no Arsenal fan, but I would have loved to see Reus or Gotze join instead of Poldi .. but the board never try hard enough tbh.

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I forgot to mention that Allen was good at the heart of Liverpool midfield and distributed the ball well.  :D

Football Talk

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From what football I saw over the weekend while I was in a drunken filled coma.

Norwich again dumb mistakes costing points. Defence needs to shape up. Great pen save from ruddy. It seems like Norwich have lost that we don't care who we play attitude. Where last season they didn't care, gave every team a fight. Made some top teams look very ordinary.

This season it feels like they know what they have to do to stay up and now will only get what they need. Houghton is a good manager. Can he get out boys in shape.

I watch the Real Madrid game last night and they were poor. The other team (I cant spell it) in the second half really did put up and fight and beat RM 2-1. Couple of cracking goals. Must admit the ref was a tool.

I have to say I taken a like to Chelsea this season. I think they will contend for the title. Hazard is a pretty amazing buy. Oscar will really come into his own. Torres is finally shaping up to find his feet again.

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Dembele to Spurs.

Good piece of business from Tottenham. wonder if Fulham will deliver the same performances now that the big D's are out. (Dempsey & Dembele)

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What would you say chelsea's best starting 11 is? :)
Id say
GK - Cech
RB - Ivanovic CB - Cahill CB - Terry LB - Cole
RDM - Essien LDM - Lampard
RAM - Ramires CAM - Mata LAM - Hazerd
ST - Torres
:) what are your thoughts?

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My thoughts are they don't have much of a choice in terms of BEST STARTING 11 right now. In the future they will have more options e.g. Moses, Marin, Oscar, Kakuta and Bertrand etc.

We'd probably see Marin playing RAM/RW if he is fit. Also, I might start Azpilicueta over Ivanovic though.

Mirin Hazard's team play passing it across goal when there was no GK. That or he bottled it, either way. xD

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Football Talk

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Champions League Draw was today. Here are the groups

Group A
Dynamo Kiev
GNK Dinamo

Group B
Schalke 04

Group C
Ac Milan
Zenit St Petersburg

Group D
Real Madrid
Manchester City
Borussia Dortmund

Group E
Shakhtar Donetsk

Group G
Spartak Moscow

Group H
Manchester United
CFR Cluj

Your thoughts guys.
I like Chelsea's chance.
Also group D looks great.

Got to think Man City are going home.

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Group D does look great! Got to say Madrid are favourites to win the group. City, Dortmund or Ajax all have a chance to come 2nd, it'll be very entertaining!
Must also say I'm a bit gutted Man United have got an easy group IMO  :112:
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City have it very tough again. They'll have a hard job getting through that.

The other english clubs should make it through with a couple of good games on the way.

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QPR been doing good business lately,Think they need atleast a Defender and Striker tho.

Granero  & Cesar Are 2 amazing signings

Andy Carroll gone to West Ham aswell, Think he will do great there and suit there playing style so good

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Deal agreed:

Moutinho and Hugo Loris to Spurs.

Congratulations, good midfielder and a fine goalie.

Xp, after all, your team is making some good business.

I wonder WTF Liverpool are waiting for ... Bring Dempsey dammit.  :o

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Beast signings for the YIDs

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