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Classic F1 Races

10 years ago, the 2007 European GP was held.
Marcus Winkelhock took the lead as a debutant after a brilliant wet tyre choice but he unfortunately retired on lap 14.
It was a crazy race where turn 1 was a river and Bernd Mayländer prevented the strangest crash ever when he could avoid the spinning Liuzzi.
Rewatch the race here when you have some free time  :4:
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Man I always love that ITV intro

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Few personal favourites for myself, European Grand Prix 1999 won by Johnny Herbert in the Stewart Ford.
Heinz-Harald Frentzen in the Jordan Mugen-Honda French Grand Prix of 1999, an absolute hidden classic, great drama as the race closed would he or would he not need to pit.
Eddie Jordan's moment in the sun, Belgium 1998 won by Damon Hill in the Jordan Mugen-Honda.
Canada 2011 speaks for itself and Lewis holding of Fernando and stapling his authority and emergence at the US Grand Prix at Indianapolis in 2007.

Could probably think of more, Japan 1996 I still have on VHS!