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Re: Best playstation setup

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that be mine
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Re: Best playstation setup

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I don't know what i prefer Kaiser, the smart black av set up or the luvverly piece of china in the top left.

@ Stef, i have. its a personal fav

Re: Best playstation setup

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I got a compare, found a old photo I took months ago back before Sony AKA satan took away Linux on the PS3.... Phat.

Recent one

Re: Best playstation setup

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Would get a picture of mine if I was at home lol but i'll list for now;

Slim 160gb PS3
32" flat screen
Playstation 2
PC connected to TV aswell as computer speakers
Another PC in the same room
PC in my room with surround sound
A Dell and Advent Netbook
A Packard Bell and HP Laptop
and 2 PSP's with custom firmware but one with a broken screen lol

oh and a Sega Master System under my bed along with my Hornby train set xD
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Re: Best playstation setup

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I'll try get a picture of my set up.

I got a Racing seat with my wheel attached to it ( playseat )
My GTDF wheel
My Laptop just to the left of me where i rest my arm
My PS3 on a box just to my right
5.1 Dolby surround sound
27" 3D LG cinema TV
And best of all my jenson button collection to my left. ( It has 30 car's of hes, 4 helmets, he's wheel, two models of him, he's 3 gears cog from a race in 2006, he's front nose cone. )

Re: Best playstation setup

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'His' Stig, not 'he's', come on now, i know your basically Welsh, but this is basic English  ;)

Re: Best Playstation Setup

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PS4 setups and pictures of racing rigs welcome.