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Best Playstation Setup

We are doing the same as the official playstation forum and asking members to post a pic of their Playstation/telly setup and check out their setup, i hope to see some out of this world pics so lets have a look  :)[cut]

Re: Best playstation setup

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 :( Simple but it works  ;) (you know what i mean)  ;D

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Re: Best playstation setup

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Hmm...not many ppl seem to want to show off der set up's...y not!! lol take a few pics when my ps3 comes back...I actually think its time to change my set up...Im on the look out for a wall mount/bracket... when done correctly, wall mounted ps3's look quality!

Re: Best playstation setup

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Here's my setup. The pic is a little noisy, i took the picture with my phone.

My setup

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niiiiice  :) What make is that tv? You games are hiding it up :D

Toshiba 32C3530DG

Even tough according to specs isn't anything special, the TV is really good...i payed 5600kn for it (around 650 pounds). It's cheaper now.

I thought about buying a Sony TV (32S3000), but after comparing the picture with this one....Toshiba won :)

You've got the Official headset too

I bought the Socom bundle off, sold Socom and kept the headset. Even made some profit :)

The headset is just great....

flash git

Uffff, jealousy is a nasty thing :P :D

Re: Best playstation setup

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I'll post my setup once I get back home (living in a temp house atm).

But it consists of a PS3, X360, Panasonic AV 5.1 reciever, 40" Sony Bravia LCD all in my bedroom. Also got the same setup in the living room, but that's got a Samsung 40" LCD and a Denon AV receiver. :D

Yeah I don't go out much and spend all my money on electronics, lol

Re: Best playstation setup

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Heres a couple of mine (not great I know, but only a student)

First is from university, second from home

Re: Best playstation setup

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42" LG HD Plasma Television with built in freeview (3 HDMI Sockets)
LG Surround sound (worth over ?200)
Playstation 3

Re: Best playstation setup

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Finally back home with my stuff set up, here's some pics.

This is where I sit and play, also have a Harmony 1000 remote and an infared light switch (yes im THAT lazy!!!)

Sony Bravia 40"
Panasonic 5.1 AV Receiver
Projector 94" screen (not connected atm)
Some crappy samsung 1080P dvd player
Xbox360 (stop booing!!!!) lol

This is where my wife sits and plays, we also use the guitar hero kit down here (obviously)

Samsung 40"
Denon 7.1 AV Receiver
Same crappy samsung 1080P dvd player same as upstairs
And a vsmile for the kiddy winks (hidden under the curtain)

Living room settee, nice and comfy it is.


AMDX2 6000+
4GB 6400 OCZ RAM
480GB Raid 0
22" widescreen FLT
Logitech X540 5.1 speakers
Gaming mouse and keyboard

Also have a gaming chair, one of those that sits on the floor and rocks, with speakers and a sub in it (its in the shed though)

.......can you tell i play games? hehehe