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PSGL teams up with Livid to host eSports event

PSGL is delighted to announce it will be teaming up with Livid E-Racing to host its inaugural eSports team competition on F1 2019 - involving some of the biggest teams and drivers in the Formula One community.

This partnership means that PSGL will host the event via YouTube, conduct the stewarding and use our rules and regulations with regards to racing and so on, while Livid will direct the event with regards to graphics and the general direction of it.

The PSGL Livid Invitation Cup sees Visceral Racing (VSR), S2V eSports, Inside Line Racing Team (ILRT), Comrade Gaming & Livid E-Racing compete against each other in the New Year.

The inaugural season will be four rounds long taking place over two weeks. Each race will be 25% race distance with one-shot qualifying determining the grid for each race.

All assists will be banned.

To avoid clashing with our PSGL season, the races will be taking place on Wednesday at 8:30pm UK time.

The races will be live streamed on the PSGL YouTube channel. The commentary team will be confirmed in due course.

Calendar and Dates:

Round 1: Azerbaijan - January 8
Round 2: Bahrain

Round 3: France - January 15
Round 4: Austria

Points system

1st - 30 points
2nd - 25 points
3rd - 22 points
4th - 20 points
5th - 18 points
6th - 16 points
7th - 14 points
8th - 13 points
9th - 12 points
10th - 11 points
11th - 10 points
12th - 9 points
13th - 8 points
14th - 7 points
15th - 6 points
16th - 5 points
17th - 4 points
18th - 3 points
19th - 2 points
20th - 1 point

Speaking of the announcement, league director BigC said: ‘I am delighted to finally announce that PSGL will be hosting this eSports event alongside Livid. In the past couple of years, PSGL has established itself as one of the biggest leagues on the PS4 and we felt this event will bring new eyes and new opportunities to the league. A lot of our best drivers are involved in the teams involved so it made sense to get involved. I am excited to see how it will all playout in January and look forward to what we can build with regards to PSGL and eSports teams in 2020’.

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