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[F1] Paddock

F1 Paddock - "The finest in the universe"

The F1 Paddock, otherwise known as the finest in the universe, has made its striking appearance within the F1 league, and hopes to bring the drivers closer together by offering them the finest experience and atmosphere of their lives. In other words, you (the F1 racers) and other racers across the site can use the paddock for general communication.

What type of communication?

  • General talk/discussion (i.e. let everyone know how you're doing)
  • Discuss championship standings and battles
  • Assistance for setups, strategy
  • Interviews with drivers will be posted in the paddock
Now lets fire away and make the F1 paddock a lively place! After all, it's not the finest in the universe for no reason! :36:

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Former F1 Champion Remco Vengeance ┬┤Stunned┬┤ with lack of Paddock activity

A familiar face arrived at the paddock today. Remco Vengeance, former champion in the Monday league came by to see some of his old friends today.

But the Dutchman was rather stunned upon arrival, where he saw nothing but an empty paddock. Furthermore most of his former rivals were nowhere to be seen.

"I'm actually quite stunned and a little bit sad to see such an empty paddock. We used to have some fantastic stories and rumors in this paddock which created the best mind games amongst rivals. I'm glad to see my old friend BigC still going strong and taking on the next generation. It's good to see so many new faces, it means that the Leagues are evolving and new winners are being developed."

Remco with his Mercedes teammate BigC

So with a rare opportunity to ask Remco about a potential comeback to PSGL, we couldn't help ourselfs to ask anyway.

"I'm glad there are still people who want to see me back on track, but I have had a fantastic career here with many ups and downs. Therefor i received an expectional testimonial race in my honor which i'm very proud of, so it would be a shame to put that out of use by annoucing a comeback. I'd be interested in a more directive role within the PSGL community, but I'll have to discuss whetever they want me in the first place."
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Confirmed: BigC to remain on PSGL F1 grid for Season 24

Ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix, seven-time F1 champion BigC has ended speculation over his future and confirmed he will remain on the grid for PSGL's 24th season which gets underway in November.

The 23-year-old has struggled for form in S23, scoring just 14 points and failing to register a top five finish all season. Many drivers, including Northern Irish 'yes man' and F2 title contender Wommeh, has called for him to retire due to 'old age' and being past his best.

Speaking ahead of Japan, BigC admitted he was close to calling it a day but says a conversation with good friend and three-time F1 champion Irun helped him make his mind up over his future in the league.

BigC has only finished ahead of Mercedes teammate Gamer once this season.

''I am delighted to confirm that I will be staying in the top tier of one of the best leagues in the world. While this season has been my most difficult yet, you learn a lot in defeat and hopefully the lessons I have learnt this season can put me into a better place for next season. There's always a lot of speculation regarding my future, and this time I genuinely considered calling it a day given my form and how I felt generally in myself while racing. While I haven't been close to winning titles in recent seasons, I went into 90% of the races knowing I had a shot at pole position or challenging for the podium - now I am concerned I am not going to get any points. So the shift in mentality has been difficult but one I am ready to adjust to.

''My decision to stay came after a good conversation with Irun after Brazil. So often he has been a great help, on and off the circuit and I thank much of my success here in PSGL and in eSports down to his advice and teaching over the years. Ultimately, I will retire when I no longer have enjoyment, desire or passion for it, or when I am truly not good enough for a seat in the league, or if magically I somehow get a job whereby I can no longer race. It's fair to say the sheer lack of talent in our second tier, and me being ahead of several drivers in the championship means I am worthy of a seat and sorta needed to fill it!

''One bad season doesn't define a career, neither does two. I won't be able to win a race or score a podium in normal circumstances next season but it's about extracting the maximum from yourself and the car - something I haven't done at all this season and that has been reflected in the results as well as some of the incidents I have been caught up in.

''Next season will be just as tough, especially as the calendar will consist of some circuits which I've always struggled at - even in my prime. However, the prospect of a new car and team that I've never driven in my entire career, a new teammate who will certainly add to the show + drama, with realistic expectations, I am confident Season 24 will be an improvement on this season.

''Finally, seeing the immense young talents that we have in the form of Louis, Blizard and Sparkz, alongside the likes of Jay, Odemz, Onyx and Likkle, I am excited to see how the rivalries and battles will develop in the next few seasons.''

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