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[F6] Stewards Findings

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Re: [F6] Stewards Findings

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Incident on Lap 1 between OisinMcG38 and Nexxus_Clone at turn 5.
Stewards Decision: Racing Incident/ NFA required.
Reasoning: The stewards feel like both drivers could have done a little more to prevent something like this. Its lap 1 and everyone is trying to make moves. Nexxus_Clone tries to go down the inside at the end of Sector 1 which then brings you into the tight sequence then the fast right hander of the exit of the little set of corners. 2 ways this was encountered. 1. Oisin could have left more space. 2. Why is clone placing his car there. At the end of the day we take both aspects into consideration and its just one of those unfortunate little taps you have on L1. We encourage drivers to have more awareness of where they are placing there car in the end.

Re: [F6] Stewards Findings

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Incident involving TTG_Mayz and Maximus_33519
Stewards Decision: 10 second time penalty added for Maximus next race time.
Reasoning: Clear cut. Maximus misjudged the braking and spun Mayz around and costing him lots positions and time.