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[F4] Stewards Findings

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Re: [F4] Stewards Findings

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Incident Involving: SSR_Pheonix & most of the F4 grid

After reviewing the footage supplied by gamefreaker the stewards have concluded SSR_Pheonix was at fault for the incident at Turn 1 (Lap 1). Pheonix clearly misses his breaking point or tries an ambitious overtake and slams into Paudie, resulting in a colossal pile up that affects all drivers to greater and lesser extents. As a result of this disgraceful incident the stewards have decided to disqualify SSR_Pheonix from the Spanish Grand Prix and further, he recieves a race ban for Canada.
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Re: [F4] Stewards Findings

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Incident involving Paudie and Lordy-MK.
Stewards conclusion: No further action required
Reasoning: The stewards have come to this conclusion that the contact could have been prevented between Lordy-MK and Paudie as Lordy has enough time to see Paudie coming. We also believe that Paudie had control of his car and has not gone in deep. The footage provided and what was shown on stream made the incident look a lot worse than it actually was.