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Re: [F1] Stewards' Office

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Tier: F1

Drivers Involved: Myself, AMK

What happened: Pitstop down, the move has been made, but he still blows me up into T1


Re: [F1] Stewards' Office

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[1]Spoiler (click to show/hide)
I was on the racing line, where did you want me to go ???????, you squeezed me very tightly and I tried to make a move round the outside, but you were just moving to the left and ended up hitting me and destroying my wing.
Contact was online made when you started turning in as you attempt to take the corner as if I’m not right next to you cutting Infront of me instead of sticking round the outside. I did the same move on Jay and it was fine, you attempt to stick to the racing line side by side with another care. Here you can see you steering for the apex not even attempting to go side by side.  :dunno how to add photo. Sending to an admin.
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Re: [F1] Stewards' Office

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F1: @BigC_019 @JarnoOpmeer @TTG_Squeezy

While battling towards the end, Squeezy went for an optimistic gap, pushing Jarno into me and me wide, losing two places. Way too aggressive and not really fair.

MY POV - 5:55

Squeezy -

Stream - - 1:18:15

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Re: [F1] Stewards' Office

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      Video Link:
Time of Incident in Video:
Last 10 seconds

      Drivers involved:

      League: F1

      What happened:
Likkle pushes me round the corner without lifting off.

      How did it affect your race:
Cost me the chance of points

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      Video Link:
      Drivers involved: Swenthemen, Tejuarr
      League: F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6/FP: F7
      What happened: Tejuarr straight up dive bombed me and I hit the wall, he said I turned into him but I didn't and I couldn't move anywhere else. He also said that he was close behind me for several laps, but this was the first sector that he was behind me and he just went for it. He even said 'karma brother' in our PSGL F7 chat.
      How did it affect your race: I had to make another pitstop because of a red front wing. (20 sec)

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Incident as above, was behind for a while yielded to let team mate threw, Swen goes wide I have a lunge admittedly late but it is Monaco, worse things went on this race.

My response of Karma Brother in the chat was to the antagonist tone in his text post race saying how I go round saying people should drive cleaner.

Probably penalty worthy, I apologise to Swen.

These kind of incidents happen a lot in F7 and to find myself on the other side of one is new but that’s racing.

Re: [F1] Stewards' Office

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   Video Link:
      Time of Incident in Video:
      Drivers involved: DarK_BolT9999, TUSZMUSZ and BF_Louzi
      League: F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6/FP: F3
      What happened: Louzi went for a massive dive on tuszmusz as it was the last 2 laps and they were fighting for the effective win. In the process of this dive Tusz also went for a move spinning me around.
      How did it affect your race:  It destroyed all chances of a possible P2 as Louzi got a penalty on the following lap.

Re: [F1] Stewards' Office

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Dear Darkboilt,
Your evidence doesn't show anything. Here is my footage as louzi pushed me into you. I braked early to avoid you, so do not say that I went for it. Thanks.

Re: [F1] Stewards' Office

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Video link:

Time of video: whole video

Drivers involved: Zreflowz, myself

League: F3

What happened: was pushed wide so had no room to go anywhere. I had to turn for the hairpin, but you can’t go 2 wide into there.

How did it affect my race: lost time to drivers around me, I can’t just move out the way because someone is faster.

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      Video Link:
      Time of Incident in Video: 0:00
      Drivers involved: @gamer_DA_best262
      League: F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6/FP: F1
      What happened: Quali block
      How did it affect your race: starting around 4-5 places behind around monaco

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Video link:

Drivers involved: myself and Cliffy

League: F1

What happened: was approaching rascasse, and then Cliffy hits my rear, causing me to go straight to the wall, and then didn’t give the place back.

How did it affect my race: ended up finishing P7 instead of P5 on the road.

Re: [F1] Stewards' Office

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Video Link:
      Time of Incident in Video:

      Drivers involved:
larsGaming123 and Real_itsDanester


      What happened:
Incident 1: Was behind him for a couple of laps and much faster( at least 5 tenths per lap). Went for a overtake at the Nouvelle chicane, he cuts the chicane and gains 1.308s with it.
Incident 2: Few laps later I caught up to him again and tried another overtake at the Nouvelle chicane. This time he stayed on track and almost squeezed me into the wall and gained time again with it.
Incident 3: I had an amazing exit out of the final corner so was gaining a lot on the straight, had much more speed aproaching turn 1. He forces me to go on the pit exit where isn’t any grip at all, tried to break but my car didn’t stop. Went straight at St.Devote and hit the wall.

      How did it affect your race:
 Incident 1: He gained time where he should’ve at least slowed down to lose his advantage, because I would’ve been able to attempt an ovetake in turn 1 if i was within 5 tenths.

Incident 2: It didn’t really affect my race but it’s dirty driving which easily could’ve been avoided because he knew i was there but just stayed on the racing line where he should’ve left some space and i had to take avoiding action because of it to not lose my front wing. He gained time with it again, but not that much time as during the first incident.

Incident 3: Got wing damage and put me out of my focus, which affected my performance in the remainder of the race as well, because I wasn’t as fast as before the incident anymore.

Summary: lost loads of time because of additional pit stops and a chance to finish at least 3rd on track because my pace was close to the pace of the eventual race winner Spaniard.
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Re: [F1] Stewards' Office

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Video Link:
      Time of Incident in Video: all
      Drivers involved: Me and Jacktayler
      League: F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6/FP: FP
      What happened: So i was round the outside of ash and he dive bombs, then he dives me and shoves me off in turn 3, finally down the wellington straight he just hits me and takes me off
      How did it affect your race: Took me out of any points contention