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F1 2018 - Season 22 Calendar

Hi all,

Please find the calendar for Season 22 - a 14-race season. As you will see there is no week break with the season starting in the Bahrain desert and ending at the legendary Suzuka Circuit in Japan. As promised, all the circuits that weren't included in S21 have been added for this season.

Formula Performance will start the racing week followed by F7, F6, F3, 4 and 5, with F1 and F2 ending the week.


Start and finish dates

F1: January 14 / April 15
F2: January 14 / April 15
F3: January 13 / April 14
F4: January 13 / April 14
F5: January 13 / April 14
F6: January 12 / April 13
F7: January 10 / April 11
FP: January 8 / April 9

Again, thanks to all of you for signing up for our leagues again and we look forward to seeing what you can do on track in the coming weeks and months.

A special thanks for @Ccbrain for creating the wonderful graphic, and @Musical Venom and @Badboy0368751 for helping with the images.

Without further ado, the PSGL team hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year,

See you on track in Bahrain.

Connor, Irun and Hulk.
PSGL F1 League Directors

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