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[F1] New commentary team confirmed for S22

PSGL F1 confirms all-new commentary team for 22nd F1 season

After weeks of searching and conducting the necessary due diligence, I am pleased to announce our new commentary pairing for the 22nd season of the PSGL F1 league, the pinnacle of assist league racing.

Firstly, I'd like to thank @Musical Venom one final time for his services and efforts over the last four seasons, taking the league and streams to new heights in terms of views and quality. However, all good stories, unfortunately, come to an end.

Ultimately, we had to replace Mark with someone with the charisma, quality and most importantly experience.

Three-time F1 champion and the league's most experienced driver at 171 grand prix starts, @Irun, will be taking the role as the lead commentator for season 22. Irun's decision to move into the commentary box ends his 17-season stint in PSGL's various F1 leagues, however, he will continue racing on Tuesday nights, making his debut in Formula Performance.

Irun's last F1 drivers' title came in S10, while driving for Sauber.

Reflecting on the announcement, Irun commented: "It will be a delight to oversee some top talent who I know really well, particularly in a league which I've had a lot of success in the past, winning 3 titles and being the most experienced driver in the PSGL F1 league"

Joining him in the commentary box will be none other than PSGL F1 founder and legend @TejuarrF1. Tom aka, Tej, is the man and brains behind the F1 leagues, running and ruling them with an iron fist for many seasons before departing midway through F1 2016. Tej will be offering his insight, experience and knowledge alongside Irun in the commentary box throughout S22, in what looks to be PSGL's greatest grid yet.

S22 marks the start of a new era and our new commentary team will continue to deliver high quality streams and coverage of the F1 league well into 2019.

See you in Bahrain.

PSGL F1 league director and league admin.

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