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F6 Round 6, Germany

After the two week break the drivers dusted off their gloves & helmets & took to the track for PSGL's first ever visit to a French Grand Prix. In only his second race BF_LouZi threw his hat into the title fight with a stunning vicrory at Paul Ricard, He took pole position & then lead from the front & wasn't really challenged by anyone behind him. After missing the Canada race josh-9867 couldn't find his form & finished in a dissapointing P5. That result by josh-9867 meant that Ze3eXer was able to capitalize with an impressive P3 which now means he now goes joint top in the driver's championship. XxHAMMERTIMEXx finished P2 for his third podium of the season & his now only 12 points behind the leaders. There was large gaps between some of the drivers wich means this race won't be remembered as a classic but there was some good battles between josh-9867 & hmfc22, Smertens86 & jamie2905 & a battle for P9 between JPGREENWOOD & batfink1977. Ferrari 2nd & 3rd place means they now have a commanding lead in the constructors with Red Bull in a clear 2nd place but there's a good 5 way battle between teams for 3rd place.

The German GP returns to PSGL after it's hiatus from the 2017 game which I'm sure will please spectators. The German GP as always been an exciting one & I'm sure Saturday night will be no exception. Can josh-9867 return to form or will the Ferrari drivers dominate proceedings. BF_Louzi will be hoping for another win & this the track where JPGREENWOOD got his first ever podium so can he get another good result here?

Join likkle_blocks & bugatti this Saturday night from 8pm

1. Will you be attending?
2. Thought's on your French GP result?
3. What result would you be happy with at Germany?
4. Do you think Hamilton can beat M. Schumacher's 7 world titles?

Re: F6 Round 6, Germany

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1. Of course I will.
2. Very very happy about that first win. I knew that I would have a good pace thanks to my set up but I was still surprised to be alone in the race.
3. A second race win would be amazing but a podium is the minimum I wanna get.
4. He can certainly do it but he gotta be careful to the improvements of Redbull and Ferrari.
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Re: F6 Round 6, Germany

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I’m gonna do this from a commentators POV
1. Of course hopefully produces some great action.
2.Gotta see tonight for me. Hopefully it can deliver really well and not get stuck in the pit lane this time.
3.A top 5
4.Yes Hamilton is the GOAT

Re: F6 Round 6, Germany

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1 maybe
2 blah
3 top 20
4 hope he does but dunno with regulation changes coming up soon

Re: F6 Round 6, Germany

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1. Yes
2. Considering I wasn't really able to nail it in practice, P4 was an excellent result in my eyes (even though I did need Josh to run out of fuel to achieve it, sorry Josh)
3. Top 5 would be nice but I like this track so feel a podium could be possible
4. As much as I'd like him to beat it, I think he'll only match it at best.

Re: F6 Round 6, Germany

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1. Yes for sure.

2.Good result for me in my 1st race,enjoyed having few battles with JP.

3.Better result than France hopefully.



Re: F6 Round 6, Germany

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1. Will you be attending?
As usual yes.

2. Thought's on your French GP result?
Was a pretty decent race for me, i lost alot of time to my teammate and Bf_louzi being behind Lewis Milam but still managed to close the gap to Josh so i'm happy.

3. What result would you be happy with at Germany?
Top 5 probably, i don't think this is a strong track for me so yeah.

4. Do you think Hamilton can beat M. Schumacher's 7 world titles?
Not really, his been in the most dominant car for years now but i think there might be different after this season.

Re: F6 Round 6, Germany

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1 I will be I just might be a little late
2 ok points are important I want a top 5 in the championship
3 points over the moon with a podium
4 yes if he’s in a competitive car