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F6 Round 4, Canada

So josh-9867 was unable to make it 3 out of 3 at Silverstone & very surprisingly finished off the podium in P4 as PRAGA-X30 finally finished a race & finished well as he took the top step of the podium narrowly beating XxHAMMERTIMEXx. BRANTHEMGLOVER took the final podium position but it wasn't without controversy as there was contact between himself & josh-9867 on lap 14 which causing josh to lose the position. josh-9867 had mechancical issues later on in the race so not sure how relevant the contact was?, However the battle between the championship leader & the Renault driver was very entertaining for the crowd. The McLaren strategy team were left scratching their heads as JPGREENWOOD pitted on lap 10 for a set of S's putting him on a 2 stop strategy, he finished the race in P12. His team mate Lewis_Milam2003 had trouble off the start of the race with an unusual crash losing his wing but a reasonable recovery drive meant he took the very last point in the race. con_reece, JACKTYLER-46, davidkinghun & Leviii11 all DNF in the race. News from the paddock is that JACKTYLER-46 has left the Red Bull team by mutual consent. Thanks to the impressive victory from PRAGA-X30 Ferrari now takes the lead of the constructors championship.

For round 4 of the season we head to North America & the historical circuit Gilles de Villeneuve where the big news his that due to other commitments josh-9867 is unable to participate & therefore they'll be no Red Bull drivers on the grid which has a dramatic impact in both championships. There won't be many other opportunities for the rest of the grid to take advantage during the season. Canada is another track where the weather can be very unpredictable & also being a street circuit the walls around the track are very unforgiving.

Join likkle & Bugatti for another exciting race in the F6 Championship this Saturday 8pm

1. How do you feel about your result at Silverstone?
2. Will you be attending?
3. Hopes for the race?
4. Thought's on Japenese GP
5. Bottas or Rosberg?

Re: F6 Round 4, Canada

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1. How do you feel about your result at Silverstone?
Angry driving standards were shocking
2. Will you be attending? Yes
3. Hopes for the race? Got to go for it top 3
4. Thought's on Japenese GP.
5. Bottas or Rosberg?

Re: F6 Round 4, Canada

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1. Great qualy and great race pretty much

2. Yes

3. A podium would be good as its not a good track for me

4. Fun race lots of overtaking and vettels spin was the best.

5. Rosberg

Re: F6 Round 4, Canada

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1 crap
2 yes
3 finish
4 vettel...lmao
5 neither

Re: F6 Round 4, Canada

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1) happy with podium and there was some great battles that I had
2) yes
3) podium again
4) Vettel can’t handle pressure
5) Bottas because Rosberg was a cheat

Re: F6 Round 4, Canada

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1. Would've been a good result but Jack was being Jack
2. Hopefully
3. Pushing the top 3
4. Boring
5. Rosberg because is a goat

Re: F6 Round 4, Canada

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1. How do you feel about your result at Silverstone? Decent considering what i expected so not happy but not unhappy either.

2. Will you be attending? I should be as usual.

3. Hopes for the race? Canada isnt the best track for me, but i really want a Ferrari 1-2 soon so got to hope for that.

4. Thought's on Japenese GP? Take away the Merc, Ferrari and Redbulls and we would have had a great race for the win but yeah that's how it is now a days.

5. Bottas or Rosberg? Rosberg, please get Rosberg back so he can kick Lewis in the ass.

Re: F6 Round 4, Canada

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1. How do you feel about your result at Silverstone? I was happy for my result considering i had a terrible quali starting in 5th place.

2. Will you be attending? Yes

3. Hopes for the race? Hoping to win as its a good track for me so as long as i am on the podium and not hit the wall of champions then i will be happy.

4. Thought's on Japenese GP.  Vettel was a bottle job as usual and cracks under pressure, Max and Riccardo had a great race as Max is my 2nd favorite driver.

5. Bottas or Rosberg? Bottas all the way.

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1. Wanted a top 5 finish and got it, tho pretty uneventful race for me
2. Yes
3. Hoping to go better this week, gotta get that podium
4. Seen better races, but seeing Vettel crack a bit more was good
5. Rosberg the better racer, Bottas the better team mate

Re: F6 Round 4, Canada

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1 wanted points got them the season starts now
2 ill be there
3 there's a lot of people in this league who need to calm down on lap one its chaos so if i can avoid the first corner pile up and get away into my rhythm ill be happy with a good top 5 any more will surprise me due to me only being able to practice on saturday afternoon
4 vettel bottle what's not to enjoy
5 ros who oh you mean the biggest bottle job since prost in 93 retiring not defending your championship is ridiculous so bottas for me


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race review

canada was a fun race but a case of what if a 5th place finish which should have been so much more bad luck twice and a bad tyre decision went against me

i had a crash with z3 which was a lag/racing accident but the lag issue for one of the red bulls put me in the wall on the back straight

i should have beaten bran with he's issues and beaten z3 if it wasn't for my call to go to wets the car was good on inters shit on full wets

but 5ths 5th we move on to france where i hope to have more track time and go to the race with lewis hamilton a 5 time world champion