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[F1] Paddock

F1 Paddock - "The finest in the universe"

The F1 Paddock, otherwise known as the finest in the universe, has made its striking appearance within the F1 league, and hopes to bring the drivers closer together by offering them the finest experience and atmosphere of their lives. In other words, you (the F1 racers) and other racers across the site can use the paddock for general communication.

What type of communication?

  • General talk/discussion (i.e. let everyone know how you're doing)
  • Discuss championship standings and battles
  • Assistance for setups, strategy
  • Interviews with drivers will be posted in the paddock
Now lets fire away and make the F1 paddock a lively place! After all, it's not the finest in the universe for no reason! :36:

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Irun: 'BigC at the crossroads of his career'

BigC's long time friend, rival and former teammate Irun, who shared 11 seasons on the F1 grid together, has revealed in the media that BigC is at the 'crossroads' of his career, and could possibly be nearing retirement.

Irun and BigC pictured together during the infamous Season 10 where Irun beat his good friend to the drivers title

When approached by the media ahead of the F2 season, Irun spilt the tea on BigC:

"BigC is at the crossroads of his career. He has mentioned retirement a few times, and I would not be surprised to see him walk away at the end of this season. I know last season was his first without a victory and even a podium, so it was very hard for him to take mentally. That will have affected his self belief. I know the feeling when you lose pace, and it's hard to accept when you're no longer at the top of your game. For BigC, he does not know where his next podium will come from. All I can advise him, is to use all of his experience to compensate for his lack of pace. He is a legend and should be respected on track by all drivers - but unfortunately in this day and age, he'll need to have the blinkers on"
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Is there any way to access the league schedule?

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Irun: 'I've been approached for the final seat at Mercedes in PSGL F1'

Breaking news hit the ground this morning as the former PSGL F1 champion, the second most successful driver in the leagues history, Irun, claimed that he has been approached for the final seat at Mercedes.

Irun who has won three drivers titles (S6, S7, S10) in the PSGL F1 league, most notably beating competitors BigC, Jamie, Remco Vengeance and many more is certainly a name which would be welcome back into PSGL's top tier, having amassed 27 race victories and 83 podium finishes, second to BigC. And also 171 race starts across 14 seasons, the most of any driver in PSGL F1.

Could the former PSGL F1 champion be making his return back onto the F1 grid?

Irun whose two recent seasons in PSGL F1 yielded a 10th and 12th place finish in the drivers standings in S18-S19 has driven for Mercedes in the past (S9, S12) where he had moderate success, and is rumoured to have been approached by the Brackley based outfit for the final seat. He spoke to the media about the alleged rumours:

"I have been contacted many times by the powers that be to make a return to the F1 grid which I have turned down in the past, and I have again recently been approached for the final seat at Mercedes. I know the team well, I've had success with them in the past, and I know what it takes to survive in the PSGL F1 league. I may not have the pace of the other drivers, but I certainly have more 'experience' than all of them put together.  I know CCBrain quite well, and we have a good working relationship as he is our setup and strategy provider for Sauber in the F2 league, and has helped us put in some strong performances, particularly the podium at Canada last race.

There are many drivers who are after that final seat, but for me, I'm drinking in the last chance saloon"
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Irun: 'Home is where the heart is'

After a seat opened up at Williams F1 earlier on in a day, former champion Irun who has been roaming around in the paddock has been highly tipped to make a return back at the team where it all began for him back in Season 5 where he made his PSGL F1 debut 6 years ago.

Irun took his first PSGL F1 win at Belgium back in Season 5 with the Williams team

Irun who is now reduced in capacity as being the commentator for PSGL's top flight, spoke to the media in passing:

"I started my PSGL F1 career at the Williams team in Season 5 many years ago, we had some good memories and I remember winning 3 massive races. It was my first ever PSGL win, and to get it at Spa my favourite circuit, it was something special. I also won at Korea and Japan that season and finished runner up to Red Neville. I had some good memories with the Williams team, and one regret I have is not being able to drive for them ever since. I've been close to making a return with them a few times, but for whatever reason it never came off. With a vacant seat in the offing at Williams, it's something I wouldn't be able to turn down at this point in my PSGL racing career if it was offered to me. An opportunity for one last hurrah, one last big push, and with the team where it all started. Home is where the heart is."
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BigC 'shocked' by strong start to S22, labels Blizard's title defence as 'embarrassing'

Seven-time F1 champion BigC has enjoyed his best start to a top-flight season since 2018, with two podium finishes meaning the 22-year-old sits second in the drivers' championship - three points by PSGL F1 rookie Jarno who was one of the favourites to win the title.

Going into Silverstone - a track he has won at on five previous occasions - the man from Leicester is hopeful he can continue his good form.

BigC finished second last time out in Monaco, finishing just ahead of Red Bull teammate Gamer_da_best

Speaking ahead of the British Grand Prix, the seven-time champion reflected on the season so far:

"Overall the season has gone better than I ever anticipated considering the sheer speed and quality of the grid - especially after Bahrain where we lacked some performance. Brazil we had the pace to win, without the crash in Spain in qualifying I believe we could have challenged right at the front. It's been a positive start to the season but the important thing is to maintain the momentum going into Britain and Austria."

The Red Bull driver was asked about his main rivals in the championship standings and what he thought of the state of play so far in S22.

"I think there's been a few nice surprises. Leon has arguably been driver of the season so far after being shocking for most of last season while Squeezy has been a fantastic addition to the league, alongside Lambo and Mcsendit. Blizard has been very disappointing though, obviously he has his two victories but considering his significant pace advantage over Gamer and I for example, I think his title defence so far has been borderline embarrassing. He's had the helping hand of Louis and Jarno being absent and having issues in some races. No doubt he will turn it around and I wouldn't be surprised if he won the next two or three races but considering his pace, I think he should be well clear of everyone at this stage.  "

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'Red Bulls Luck will wear off eventually' Says F1 Rookie Marqueses in scathing interview

The Irishman who has showed considerable pace,  sits 9th in the standings, fresh off a podium in Silverstone

VSR_Marqueses had a lot too say when Channel 69 reporters interviewed him at his country home, in Donegal.

His main interest seemed directed at the Red Bulls who he deems as 'lucky'

"When the Pairings we're announced, nobody looked at the Red Bull pairing and thought 'wow', they'll be a force. They're leading the championship at the moment, and it has to be said, it's completely underserved"

When asked if he was jealous of Red Bulls Success, Marqueses scoffed, and asked if said reporter would like a 'slap' and proceeded to denounce Red Bulls effort.

"They don't have the out right pace", He continued ."Nor do they have a driver I think will carry them. Big C and Gamer are great drivers, and maybe if this was F1 2014 or F1 2016, I'd be in a bit of fear, but they're not a threat and the standings will not change that. The Red Bulls luck will wear off eventually"

Marqueses has had a very mixed season in his PSGL F1 Rookie year

When asked about how his own season has feared, the TikToker was apprehensive

"I feel the weight of Bahrain is finally off my shoulders. That was a race I showed great pace in, and it stung to end like that. I still have a lot to work on in terms of race pace, but Monday was a good platform, and I need to continue this form"

This reporter did undoubtedly take note at the lack of arrogance and confidence in Marqueses' voice, a trait usually synonymous with the Irishman, but his idiosyncrasies cropped right back up when asked how he thinks the championship will develop.

'McSendit when he's not making terrible overtakes and and getting unbelievably lucky, is a terrific driver, and in this position will be so hard to displace, but Blizzard is an alien. He does things out of the realm of possibility in this game. He could for sure come back. The fact that he's definitely a sociopath puts him in a great mental state too, as he will not fear the challenge."

This reporter could not help but feel calling a fellow driver a 'sociopath' with such confidence was a bit unwarranted and completely out of order, but he decided not to press it, and tried to ask another question, but the 20 yr old F2 runner up shooed the channel 69 reporters out of his house, citing these 'TikToks aren't going to make themselves'