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Fortnite Tournament 2vs2

This will be the first Fortnite tournament of PSGL.
It will be 2vs2 tournament.
Rules: There will be a torunamet bracket where every team of 2 will be teaming up against another team of 2. Both teams will team up in a squad match. Per clash the teams will play 2 rounds. The winner will be decided who ever gets the most kills in total in these two games.

You are not allowed to kill your tournament opponents by destroying/edit their build walls
You are also not allowed to shoot down walls etc. resolving one of your tournament opponents death by other opponents in the match
If a Team isnt there after 10 minutes of the predicted starting time the Teams win who was Ready to Play.
If there should be an issue of missleading the rules you can report your opponents via PSN Messages at Ccbrain with footage
Once the Matches got played the score must be send via PSN Messages at CCbrain. If the both Teams say different results (Meaning who won) Screenshot will be needed of on of the Teams. If both Teams fail to provide screenshot of the games the winner will be decided per raffle.

The tournament will start on the 4th August at 8p.m. UK. It would be appreciated if you also stream your matches.

If you are interested you can sign up under thread with these Information:
1. PSN Name
2. Teampartner [PSN Name of Teampartner]
3. YT Name for streamed Matches

SIgn ups will close on the 4th August at 6pm. UK

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1. RJDW_886
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How did this 2v2 tournament go? Will there be another one?