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FIFA 18 - Premier League - Week 7 Results


cocogym / RB Leipzig   v   Fragglepaul / Crystal Palace
ksljr1975 / FC Augsburg   v   Vds1923fcrb / Espanyol
lampy1 / Zenit Saint Petersburg      v   JPGreenwood / Nice
mrgrumpy1989 / PSV Eindhoven   v   Liam_Brown96 / Marseille
mrstim96 / Lyon   v   SOY-BARCA / Southampton
NPyne / Leicester City   v   Boywithnoface / Fenerbahce

Boywithnoface / Fenerbahce   v   NPyne / Leicester City
Fragglepaul / Crystal Palace   v   cocogym / RB Leipzig
JPGreenwood / Nice   v   lampy1 / Zenit Saint Petersburg
Liam_Brown96 / Marseille   v   mrgrumpy1989 / PSV Eindhoven
SOY-BARCA / Southampton   v   mrstim96 / Lyon
Vds1923fcrb / Espanyol   v   ksljr1975 / FC Augsburg

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Re: FIFA 18 - Premier League - Week 7 Results

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Leipzig-Crystal Palace 4-2
Crystal Palace -Leipzig 1-3

Re: FIFA 18 - Premier League - Week 7 Results

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Grumpy (PSV) 2-4 (Marseille) Liam

Shots (On Target): 10 (6) - 19 (11)
Possession: 44-56
Passing Accuracy: 79-89

Marseille Scorers: Thauvin x2, Mitroglu x2

This game could have been so different if grumpy had taken his chances and had the lead he deserved at HT. He deservedly took the lead quite early on. Despite being under the cosh i think i levelled only for grumpy to go straight up the other end and take a 2-1 lead. He had a few more chances to extend it before the break as i was struggling but couldn't capitalise so luckily it was only 2-1 at the break.
I made some changes in formation and personell and instantly looked a better player. i near enough matched his 2 up front to push his defence back a bit and create space for my midfielders to do something with the ball and deservedly levelled at that point. The 2nd half was a complete opposite to the first except i was now finishing chances to take a commanding lead and go 4-2 up, one of which was a peach by Thauvin from 30 yards. Straight from KO and with the last kick of the game i almost made it 5-2 but placed wide when well placed in the box. A draw probably would have been fair in this game.

Liam (Marseille) 4-2 (PSV) Grumpy

Shots (On Target) 21 (10) - 6 (4)
Possession 58-42
Passing Accuracy: 88-71

Marseille Scorers

Payet x2, Sanson x1, Njie x1

This game was a bit strange. Grumpy went 1-0 up after a promising start by me. I went up the other end and hit the post, only for grumpy to go up the other end and go 2-0 up with his first two attacks. I had quite a few shots and finally put one in just before HT with a rocket from Payet. 2-1 down again but didnt deserve to be. 2nd half i made the same changes and scored straight from KO with another great finish by Payet and took the lead not long after that. Grumpy missed a chance or two but i was going gung ho at his goal and eventually finished the game late on. Could have scored a 5th again but missed a couple of big chances.

Well Played mate. The first game was harsh on you. GL for the rest of the season.

I need to improve my defending..... conceding 31 goals in 14 games isnt great for the apparent favourite for the title......
World Cup (Germany) & Champions League Winner (Inter) 2013

Played 23 W-15 D-6 L-2


Re: FIFA 18 - Premier League - Week 7 Results

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Great reports although the 1st game report was wrong. It was 1-1 at halftime. You went 2-1 up with a penalty and then I scored straight from that kickoff to make it 2-2... then you scored 2 more.

Kicking myself, as I needed results. I peppered you with early chances in the 1st half of that 1st game which I didn't take. Blazed over with a volley from 6 yards, hit the bar with a thumping shot, hit straight at your keeper etc.

2nd game, I missed an early 1 on 1 hitting it straight at your keeper, then after you pulled 1 back to 2-1, I hit the bar straight after. I didn't deserve to be 2-0 up in that 2nd game, but  felt I could have held on if I didn't  make the same mistakes that helped you win the 1st game.

Well played mate.

10 points behind, 40 goals conceded. (2nd highest) Could have been oh so different. Most likely will be down to 4th place soon as well.

Re: FIFA 18 - Premier League - Week 7 Results

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Zenith 5  - 0 nice

Nice 0 - 5 zenith

Mirroring results and a nice 6 points but stats wise it was pretty close.

Definitely jp should have ad a few goals.

Good games m8

Re: FIFA 18 - Premier League - Week 7 Results

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Leicester 5-5 Fenerbah├že
Fenerbah├že 2-2 leicester