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Re: [GT Sport] Round 1 Suzuka GP

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Q: 2ND

Race 1: 2ND

Race 2: No idea  :)

So I was pretty happy with my pace. Didn't know what to expect and managed to qualify in 2nd place! The race was great. I didn't have enough speed to stay with Jamie up front but was keeping a gap to Fraggle behind me. No major incidents and a great 2nd to start the league off with.

The second race was not so great! Starting on the back row it was fun coming through the field. I turned in on Jamie in Degner 1 as I didn't know he was there so I gave him the position. I followed him through the field and got myself up to 3rd place behind Ash. He was defending really well and putting his car in the right places to keep me behind him. I got a little frustrated and took waaaaaay too much speed into Degner 1 and lost it in Degner 2!! Spun again next lap trying too hard to make the time up!  From then on I just cruised to the finish to bring the car home. I can't even remember what position I finished in haha!

Overall I thought the format worked really well and can't wait for the next race this Friday  :113:

Re: [GT Sport] Round 1 Suzuka GP

Reply #18 here is my highlight for Round 1 Suzuka

Q: 10th

R1: 5th

R2: 11th

F6: (F1 2016) S1 McLaren driver (F1 2016) S2 Ferrari driver (F1 2016) S2 driver runner-up & F6 S2 constructors title (Ferrari)
F5: (F1 2017) S1 McLaren driver (F1 2017) S1 3rd in constructors (McLaren) (F1 2017) S2 McLaren driver
F1 total: 24 races 0 wins 3 podium 10 top 5 finished 17 top 10 finished 8 DNF 6 DNS 0 WDC 1 WCC
GT Sport total: 13 races 0 wins 0 podiums 1 top 5 finished 8 top 10 finished 3 DNF 2 DNS 0 WDC 0 WCC