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Introducing: PlaystationGL Highlights

Hello everyone,

After a request from our beloved PSGL member Gamefreaker who has requested a channel dedicated to PSGL Racing Highlights, I decided to start up this channel called PlaystationGL Highlights.

From next season onwards this channel will be used to upload Highlights, Classic PSGL Races, Pole Position Laps and many more.

Plus at the end of this current season if our channel PlaystationGL Highlights has reached 50 Subscribers, the long awaited PlaystationGL The Trailer 3 will be released(!!)

So head on over to our channel here

And get ready to be entertained with the finest racing PSGL has to offer.

- Remco Vengeance
Season 8 Race of Champions Winner
PSGL Career: Grands Prixs entered - 197 | Race wins - 76 | Podiums - 130 | Points - 2026 | World Championships - 5

Re: Introducing: PlaystationGL Highlights

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Nice idea, hope it will get to somewhere. Subbed:)

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