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PSGL Youtube Channel?

Would it be cool to have a youtube channel where we put the race highlights of every league, like Remco often does in F2?
And maybe save the pole position laps of every race?
Just some ideas, maybe to start with in a few seasons
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Re: PSGL Youtube Channel?

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We've thought about this before, and we would be keen. But we have always thought that streamers and commentators want the views for their own channels. Is there a way for a channel to compile playlists of other peoples videos?

Re: PSGL Youtube Channel?

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I used to do it for the GAMEplay channel, but some issues with uploading put a halt to that. I'll see if I can keep it consistant for next season.

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Re: PSGL Youtube Channel?

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This kind of a channel would be pretty cool I bet. Maybe there are enthusiastic people within the community that would provide content for a channel like that.