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Sole Renault Impressive in Testing

In a Roker Report exclusive, we head to Spain as testing for the new F4 championship season got underway at the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya, a chance for teams to see what they've got right, and for drivers to get used to their new equipment. Early signs showed that Toro Rosso may well be the team to beat, as they posted the first and third quickest times of the day. With only one Renault car available, Hulkenburger, back in F4 for the first time since 2016, took to the track and looked impressive in his qualifying runs; putting in the second fastest time of the day, splitting the Toro Rosso duo and showing the kind of form that saw him challenge for the title two years ago. In the race runs however, the weather turned, and the car seemed to have some trouble adapting to the wet conditions as Hulkenburger hit the barrier after 16 laps, ending his testing early. Despite this set back, he was confident ahead of the new season.

'It was disappointing to end the session like that obviously, but overall I'm happy with the car, happy with my performance.
 I was a bit quicker than I anticipated really, maybe everyone else was holding back a bit, but if I can replicate my qualifying form in Melbourne next week I'll be delighted. The car was a bit of a handful in the rain, at times it was completely uncontrollable, but we can work on that and hopefully there won't be too many wet races this season as we look very strong in the dry.'

Hulkenburger on his first F4 appearance since 2016

Although Hulkenburger's teammate Curtoise was absent for testing today, he must also be pleased with the performance of the car with the first race just seven days away. Both drivers were looking for better results than last season and if Renault can maintain it's strong early showing, it may well be a more successful season than anyone at the team anticipated; with silverware perhaps a distinct possibility.

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Venom refuses to blame pit crew for Monaco blunder

After a dissapointing non finish in the opening round, Musical Venom made it four points scores in a row to put himself solidly in the top ten of the championship and with a bit more luck might have been on the podium on a couple of occassions particularly in Brazil.

In Monaco, he had superbly held off the Torro Rosso of ijsimo for 26 laps with a composed defensive display. All of that was thrown away in the pits. Having serviced his team mate half a minute before, the pit crew were caught unawares with no tyres ready for the second Mercedes driver. Agonizing time was lost and with it any chance of a podium as the Torro Rosso driver lept ahead in the pits and was never seen again. Eventually Venom would come home fifth.

He talked to reporters after the race.

"Its frustrating but sometimes mistakes happen. They have done some great pit work this season, its a pity it had to happen then but you win and lose as a team.

The wait for another top 3 finish goes on but I do feel this season so far has been far more encouraging than last season, I've certainly been in the mix towards the front much more than I was last season. The Abu Dhabi race was important, that's where I felt like I was finding speed on F1 2017 for the first time this era and that has carried on into this campaign, Mercedes is a much more comfortable fit than Torro Rosso was, that much is obvious. 

Qualifying went very well and we got a good result, if not quite the one we probably would have deserved but at some point I will put in a good drive and I won't get bad fortune which frankly has blighted my last three seasons including this one so far. I am not far from putting it all together for the kind of result I expect.

Look forward to Canada and some good racing. Cheers."

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F4 driver's champion, unbelievable!!

Well the 2nd season of Formula 1 2017 in F4 has been one to remember.  I thought last season had been good, with @frisostolk_ ’s lightning pace and @flyingfrome ’s penalty happy driving style eventually losing out to the relentless consistency and surprise of the season, @Cheater-Cheater .  For me it had been a frustrating story of disconnections and laggy performances, with Codemasters somehow reaching the almost-unplayable stakes for slower connections.

With an epic calendar devised by @Musical Venom , the F4 grid headed to Australia, the traditional setting for the season opener.  I had turned up with a new electronics and telemetry package (namely a new 4g router to replace my old 4.5meg BT broadband), venturing into the unknown in terms of reliability.

From the opening moment it did not initially look good.  Gremlins in the new, untested system meant I bogged down and went down to 12th place almost immediately.  However, the recovery drive and simply getting to the end of the race was promising, albeit in 8th place only.

With no further hesitation, promise then turned into results, and I won 4 out of the next 5 races.  But it was no tale of domination.  In Brazil, if @larsGaming123  had not binned it from the lead of the race, and @mrgrumpy1989 had had another lap on his supersoft tyres, it would not have been a win for me.  In Monaco, if mrgrumpy had been 0.034 seconds quicker in qualifying, it would not have been a win for me.  He actually overtook me spectacularly on track but lost the position on time penalties.  In Canada, it was a combination of pit strategy, a to-the-wire inlap and pit entry, and misfortunes of mrgrumpy and others which presented me with an unlikely win.

And, whilst I was raking in those points in the first half of the season, the other podium spots were largely being shared out evenly between mrgrumpy, larsgaming, @Curtoise_44 and @HagueF1Racing .  This eventually produced a buffer in the championship standings approaching the second half of the season.

In Baku, the wins stopped coming but now it was a matter of being consistent.  The top 9 were covered by less than 3 tenths in qualifying, so starting in the top 3 was crucial.  Helped mid race by a Red Bull & Toro Rosso train wreck in front of me, and @ijsimo basically getting lost and going the wrong way at turn 1, I capitalised and snatched a 2nd place.  Baku was also the place where Curtoise upped the stakes and started a mid season charge, winning by a dominant margin and following up with another at Silverstone, beating me fair and square in a wheel to wheel on track battle.  But, soaking up more podium positions like this was still exactly what I needed at this stage in the season.  Also Silverstone was the point where Hague’s relentless consistency of top 4 finishes came to an end.  Somehow, even without winning, the mixed up finishing orders were allowing the points gap to open at every single race.

Hungary up next, where it is all about qualifying, especially in a league like F4 where everyone is so closely matched.  2nd place was a good starting spot.  I dropped to 3rd at the pit stops but a strategy choice here got me on the right tyres; with mrgrumpy and lars both stopping early opting for the medium tyres I thought I could get to the end on supersofts, and made on-track passes on both of them for the win.  It was not until now that I started to feel safe talking about a probable championship win, after adding 10 points to the gap between me and Curtoise.

Mrgrumpy was back on form at Spa with an incredible comeback race, making the most of his raw pace and talent in tricky conditions.  However he was foiled by one of the season’s standout performances, with Musical-Venom taking the win by a fine margin for a Mercedes 1-2.  I had made an error earlier when the rain came down, and was happy to follow them home and take the final podium position.

As it stands now, we have just finished at Mexico, with 2 races to go.  The plan was to have another strong race and hopefully appear on the podium again, at the same time as sealing the title.  Unfortunately I disconnected on lap 3 as my electrical issues returned and had to watch from the pit lane.  Nonetheless, it needed either mrgrumpy or larsgaming to win the race to keep it alive; lars put in a valiant effort, overtaking @ChIcKeN_OwNzzzz  and @RaversRevenge right at the end, and closing up rapidly on Hague, but he missed out by the smallest of margins, only 0.3 seconds at the line.  But what this meant for me of course, is that I was the F4 champion!

For those who can remember, and as @Irun has reminded us numerous times from the commentary box, it has been some time since I last won a driver’s title.  F1 2012, Season 4, F2 league.  And as young @JACKTYLER-46 keeps pointing out, that was an unfathomably long time ago.  I was reminded how similar those seasons have been.  I established an early lead back then too, but then there was a massive push from benpowney, who was showing electric pace and was winning races.  Again it was the consistency rather than outright pace which counted, making as few mistakes as possible and just absorbing points at every race.  I went 10 races in a row without a win that time, yet still came out on top at the end, with 1 race to spare.  That experience certainly helped here, knowing what counts in a title battle is simply invaluable.

So now we go to Austin and then the finale at Japan, with myself and @DaveJaVu holding a healthy but not insurmountable lead for Williams in the constructors championship.  With @tejuarr now back in his familiar Mercedes alongside mrgrumpy, it is far from a foregone conclusion.  I’ve got a few constructors titles under my belt from years gone by but another one is always welcome, looking forward to fighting them for it!

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Incredible post blue. I'm really happy for you, a proper gentleman racer which I'm sure we can all agree with. A true legend on the PSGL site - congrats on your title this season, because you damn well deserve it  :)

A mixture of consistency and pace, and great racecraft - a pleasure to commentate on your journey!
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Resurgent Renault Rally to Race Rout

It was all smiles in the Renault garage this weekend as the sole surviving Renault driver Hulkenburger took pole and a dominant win in the US Grand Prix, a result that shocked everybody. The British driver has shown no signs of the astonishing pace seen in Texas all season, achieving just one podium prior in what has been a disappointing campaign; Hulkenburger however showed no signs of nerves as he took the chequered flag by over twenty seconds. The win sees him move up the drivers standings to seventh, and helps to consolidate the Renault team in fourth position with just one round to go. As drivers look to impress teams for next season the victory will certainly have gone a long way to instilling confidence in both Hulkenburger and the Renault team. In an exclusive Roker Report interview, the young Englishman expressed as much surprise as the rest of the field.

'I really don't know where the pace came from, times in the simulator looked promising, but nothing suggested I could take pole and the victory, let alone by such a large margin. The race couldn't really have gone better, there were one or two mistakes, and maybe I could have had a better strategy, but overall it was a pretty perfect weekend.'

Hulkenburger cruised to victory with a unique Ultrasoft-Supersoft strategy

Whilst many drivers struggled with the rear of the car, with many established names spinning and even crashing out of the race, Hulkenburger had no such issues; something which he put down to other drivers being far too aggressive with their setup.

'I tried having a loose rear end in practice, but the race sim's showed that it just wasn't viable, the car was pretty much undriveable by the end of the stints, and the only way around that was multiple pit stops. I think the Mercedes especially struggled with this. That's why I went with quite a stiff rear, it may have slowed us down in qualifying a little bit, but overall it was the quicker package.'

With just one round remaining as the circus heads to Japan next week Renault will be hoping to cling onto fourth place in the constructors, whilst Hulkenburger may well have his eyes on an unlikely sixth place, as he looks to finish of his season with back to back wins for the first time in over two years.
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"2 way battle for 2nd place in the drivers standings will provide good spectacle in Japan"

Lars and Hague during one of their battles earlier this season

Heading into the season finale of PSGL F4 the drivers champion alrady is decided, but one of the things that isn't decided yet is the battle for 2nd place in the drivers championship. There are 2 drivers who can get that place. Warrenhague and larsGaming123. Only 7 points are separating these driver heading into the season finale in Japan this weekend(april 15th 2018 8pm gmt). We sat down with larsGaming123 during the pre race media day.

LarsGaming123: For sure it was a great season, but it was also a season with loads of ups and downs. I improved my record for most points in a season by already 20 points, i got my first pole position in Brazil, but i had also a few incidents, for example in Belgium where i started in 2nd but only finished 5th after getting caught up in a incident on lap 1. and some huge driver errors in Brazil, Europe, Italy and USA.

Now we are here in Suzuka for the final race of the season. Hague and i had a few on track battles during this season and now we have still everything to drive for still. Also for Toro Rosso we can win the constructors championship. We need to have a very good race weekend here in Japan to have chance of winning the constructors championship.

Here's a comparison between the stats of Warrenhague and LarsGaming123:


Team: Sahara Force India
Nationality: British
Position in the drivers championship: 2nd place
Best result: 1st (2x)
Wins: 2, italy and mexico
Pole positions: 1 (Austria)
Points: 110


Team: Scuderia Toro Rosso
Nationality: Dutch
Position in the drivers championship: 3rd place
Best result: 2nd (4x)
Wins: 0
Pole positions: 1 (Brazil)
Points: 103

The action kicks off Sunday april 15th 8pm GMT on the YouTube channel of Jack Tyler, he will be commentating with Irun for the season finale of F4. So tune in and make sure you dont miss any of the action!
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Renault Reveals New Lineup

It was a sunny spring afternoon at the Renault Sport development centre in Enstone, Oxfordshire, as reporters gathered for an important announcement ahead of the new PSGL F4 season. The French outfit finished last season with just one driver following the departure of Curtoise after the Italian grand prix. Despite this, lone driver Hulkenburger brought the team home to finish in a respectable fourth place in the constructors standings. Hoping to have an even stronger season this time around, the team today announced their driver lineup, retaining Hulkenburger, who managed two podiums including one win last season, whilst also announcing an exciting new signing in gamefreaker, who comes to F4 after spending several seasons in F2 and F1.

"We feel we have one of the strongest driver lineups on the entire grid this time round. " Said Renault team chief Cyril Abiteboul. "There are maybe one or two teams who are unparalleled in terms of experience, but we think we have a strong mix of experience and outright speed, which we hope will bring us great success this year."

Last season former driver Curtoise was the closest challenger to eventual champion Bluemosquito right up until his departure after Monza, this season the Renault team are undoubtedly hoping to go one better and take the title themselves. Whether they can match the other impressive lineups that have been announced in F4, with mrgrumpy and Irun being seen as a particularly strong threat by many teams, remains to be seen; but Renault will hope that they have the tools, and the drivers, to get the job done this season.
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Sauber: 25 years of 'experience'

With driver line ups and teams being churned out in the PSGL F4 league over the last 24 hours, Monisha Kaltenborn's Sauber team managed to snap up some of the most 'experienced' drivers available on the market, as she swept in for former champions mrgrumpy and Irun (pictured below).

Experienced PSGL racers, mrgrumpy and Irun (pictured above) were wheeled out for show to the public

The menacing team boss Monisha Kaltenborn chuckles to herself after pulling off a swoop in the transfer window

With big teams, come big names. It is believed that Monisha's transfer dealings has attracted hot prospects and football manager Mick McCarthy is rumoured to join as part of her backroom staff
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Hulkenburger Baffled by Poor Race Pace

As the Renault team packed their equipment away following the pre-season test at Hungary yesterday evening, the two halves of the garage were entirely different. On one side, gamefreaker's engineers were jubilant following a victory which saw them hold off experienced veterans such as Irun and boywithnoface. On the other side, Hulkenburger's engineers looked frustrated, and above all else, confused.

'I'm really not sure what went wrong,' said Hulkenburger, who ended up in 7th place, 'we were equal on pace with our teammate in qualifying, and for the first four or five laps it looked to be the same story, then suddenly the car felt incredibly unstable, I have no idea what caused it. The setup was exactly the same as we used in last season's race, and the car felt fine then. We have a lot of work to do before Australia unfortunately, it's not ideal at all.'

The two Renaults were line astern in the early stages, before a mistake put Hulkenburger down the order.

Hulkenburger will surely be hoping to replicate his form shown towards the end of last season, but a poor race showing here, especially compared to his teammates success, will be humbling and frustrating for a driver who was looking to improve leaps and bounds upon last season's mediocre points haul. Whilst Sunday's race was just a practice, and will count for nothing as we head to the season opener in Australia, the Renault team will be looking for signs of improvement if they wish to challenge for both titles this coming season.
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Mick McCarthy: 'It's a dream start'

Sauber Team Ambassador, and out of work football manager Mick McCarthy was reportedly 'ecstatic' with Sauber's start to the season, after citing it as a 'dream start'.

Team Ambassador and out of work football manager Mick McCarthy spoke to the media ahead of Bahrain:

"It's a dream start for our experienced team. I never expected us to start the season so brightly, but we made the most of our 'set piece' opportunities, particularly through the pitlane at Australia where we inherited the lead. I enjoyed our fortunes at Brazil last week, it was a special moment locking out the front row and eventually winning the race on the final lap. Both of our drivers have driven well so far and I'm happy with their performances. I am hoping for more of the same at Bahrain, however I know that our luck will soon run out. We are hoping to run an 'agricultural' setup on the experienced mrgrumpy's car to try and get him onto the podium - if it is successful, I'll be on the lash after the race!"

Will Sauber's good fortunes continue at Bahrain on Sunday?
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