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Ferrari Driver - overall view of this season will be close?

During the season of f4, Sky F1's Martin Brundle caught up with former Red Bull driver, now ferrari driver Malc, 3 time world champion, asks about his overall view of this season, his first race back in f4, etc.

Brundle: "Malc, thanks for taking the time out to speak with us. Firstly welcome back to F4, after a brief appearance in F3 last season, how do you expect to plan out and what are your goals for the new season"?

Malc: "thank you, i have missed f4 cause it was all so close between ourselves, and seeing the likes of spud, venom, blue, cheater, and then seeing the former champions like craig, grumps, warrenhague, i reckon that this will be a close battle - right up to the final race :). dont get me wrong, i enjoyed f3, but for me - just wasnt the same as f4, and i missed it. its also good to be back :). also looking forward to be working with spud again this season, and i believe that we will have a good season together again"

Malc confirmed 5th place in the bahrain race, from the 1st race of season

Brundle: "oh ok cool, you did well to get 5th in your first race back in f4, after a poor pre season. how did you feel"?

Malc: "could have got 3rd at best, but wasnt meant to be, and considering, craig was the only one that was a former champion ahead of me, i would take 5th anyday and im happy with the result, and considering i had a bad pre-season, the ferrari team have done wonders to get the car perfect for the race.

Also want to congratulate cheater-cheater for his first ever win on the league, hes the most improved and would not surprise me that he will be up there, in the top 3, come end of season."

Brundle: "also seen that you was chatting to craig (Williams driver) about his race, can you explain to the viewers what he said"?

Malc: "funnily enough, after the race i was passing his garage - saw him shouting "HONESTLYYYYYYYYYY, WHO DECIDED TO PUT IN THE *%*%*%* WRONG TYRES, WHAT ARE WE DOING" but afterwards, he was ok (felt he should have at least attempted to get to cheater but could have lost it against me), and no he didnt had the deck chair like his good friend alonso haha :24: :24:."

malc with his ferrari team sorting out for the china race (2nd Race)

Brundle: "any thoughts on your next race for china"?

Malc: "china is a track where it loves to eat the tyres more than ever before, so we are working hard at the garage to avoid the issue of tyre wear. hopefully it doesnt rain, but you get that feeling that it could happen during the race."

Brundle: "whats your overall view of the drivers in this league"?

Malc: "as i said earlier, i missed f4 and missed some of the drivers here. however, i do believe that there is a few drivers that should have moved to f3, but cannot say as i dont want to cause issues."

Brundle: "whats your overall view of the toro rosso story from venom, and the shock departure of Tejuarr from williams?"

Malc: "Regarding venoms story - i cant really comment on venoms story but on paper - the toro rosso team look stronger than the red bull and have done well in first race (venom getting 6th). dont get me wrong, but me and spud was struggling in red bull and took us a season or two to make the car more competitive, but if you was a gambling man - i would put a £5 on toro rosso beating red bulls this season as long as they dont mess up :3:

Regarding tejuarrs departure - that is a shock, as he has done a lot of work to get the leagues to where they are, and i hope he does come back one day. i wish him all the best in whatever he does :)"

malc and spud, reunite after 1 season apart and with a new team of ferrari

Brundle: "finally, whats your expectations in this league?"

Malc: "im hoping to get top 6 if possible, as long as the car is ok and avoid accidents. but its going to be tough to win my 4th world title, considering how cheater (my choice to win the title), friso, frome, blue, craig, grumps are deadly quick on their day. also hoping to do well in constructors aswell, hopefully me and spud will be competitive :)"

Brundle: "Malc, thank you for your time and good luck with the next race of the season".

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Victory in China Town for the flying Mosquito!

Bluemosquito made it back to back podiums to start the F1 2017 era but this time took victory for McLaren Honda after 28 laps of the Chinese Grand Prix and sending him to the top of the early championship table after a race that began with a first lap incident involving five of the top six on the grid.


The opening section of the track saw the top two from qualifying Frisostalk and MrGrumpy collide and with nowhere to go, other cars including Frome and Cheater-Cheater got wing damage allowing WarrenHague to take the lead from fifth on the grid with Bluemosquito emerging as his main challenger.

After a highly underwhelming start to his title defence in Bahrain last week, WarrenHague had a good night as he calmly steered his Haas machine to 2nd place with the two stop strategy not quite a match for McLaren's one stop. A nail biting last lap battle for third was settled as Cheater-Cheater took 3rd for Sauber on the final corner from Musical Venom's Torro Rosso who continued his solid start to the season with 4th but was seen head in hands after the race having seen a podium slip away at the last possible moment.

CraigPinchbeck will clearly be having more words with the Williams team after finishing 5th again. Having fitted him with the wrong tyres last week, the wrong strategy call was made by the team meaning he was well away from a podium fight in China while it was a useful night for the Red Bull team as BWCLYDE and Mike finished 6th and 8th respectively sandwiching the Ferrari of F1WWFC_07 who finished 5th on track but fell to 7th with penalties.

They have yet to respond to Musical Venom's call out earlier this week betting that if Torro Rosso finish above them, they swap seats.

Having been involved in the lap one incident, FlyingFrome would have preferred FuelingFrome as he ran out of fuel on the last lap dropping to 9th but at least opening his account for the season points wise and MrGrumpy did well to maintain Torro Rosso's start as the only team with both drivers scoring in both opening rounds, taking the final championship point.

Both of these drivers will be expected to have better results as the season goes on.

Both of Force India's drivers had a race to forget, last week's third place finisher DaveJaVu finished 12th and Mercedes await their first points of the season with Miles car failing to make the start.

Check back as we get reaction from the drivers after a chaotic Chinese Grand Prix!

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PSGL Sports: 4th today for you Venom but it was almost a podium. The TV cameras saw you get out of the car and head outside to sit down for a minute, head in your hands after that. Clearly you were disappointed by that, losing third right at the last corner of the final lap.

Venom: Its a bitter pill to swallow, I gave everything and third would have been a good reward for the team today for their hard work in getting the car ready this week. First stint was tough getting the car through it with a damaged wing but our pace was good on the mediums and the one stop worked very well for us. Fair play to the Sauber driver, they had terrific pace on the super softs at the end and we didn't have the tyres left to hold position.

PSGL Sports: What did you make of the first lap incident? The two men who finished in the top two avoided it while you and several others were caught up in it.

Venom: They were lucky in avoiding the first corners incident while I did not, that is what made the difference for them ultimately. Had I avoided it and given that Hague did a two stop, we could have even challenged for the win given the time I lost in the first stint but there is nothing we can do about it now.

PSGL Sports: Can you take any positives from today?

Venom: Qualifying was a big improvement from last week and we finished in the top six for the second race in a row so in terms of points I am better off then I was last season so far so good start. Just gotta keep working for the moment where I get the slice of luck for once and get the big result I have lost out on too many times recently.

PSGL Sports: Thoughts on the Russian GP next week?

Venom: Its been a long time since we've raced there, back in Season 1 of the F1 2016 era so its going to be quite interesting how these cars work there. Its for all intents and purposes its a street circuit so that will present a different challenge to what we have seen so far.

That was my first race for Renault back then and I finished 5th so something similar would be welcome.

We aim for another points score there and hopefully we don't get caught up again in other peoples mess. Cheers!

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The Chinese GP was a lot of fun for myself. Firstly the challenge of racing with two fingers strapped up wasn't fun, missed a few braking points cos of it. Fighting further up the field was great, I tried to stretch my medium stint out and looking at it now I think I went too long on them. This was the first race I completed in F4 and despite not having a team mate in the race I did learn a lot. Bring on next weekend where hopefully I can progress again and maybe score points.


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Force India driver Friso decided to drive with a wheel.
Force India Technical Director Andrew Ross has bought a new wheel for the team a couple of weeks back planning to use it in the next season but Friso feels confident to use it already. Starting from Russia he will drive with a wheel.

Friso, how is the pace looking with a new wheel?
"Eh, I think its quite strong, not really sure, only did simulator test with it so have to see what it does with FP,
but Im quite sure I will start sunday with a wheel"

Has it something to do with the two incidents you had with mrgrumpy to improve your pace?
"No, has nothing to do with that. Grumpy made a mistake at Bahrain and I lost the car and China, its a hard pil to take as we were both times going for the race win, but there is no hate for each other and I thought I was pretty quick on the pad but I think this could give a more advantage in the race as it is less hard on the tyres."

But You haven't raced with it yet, so aren't you afraid to hit someone if you are battling you may hit someone?"I did a race run in the simulator and it looked good, Im going to leave some extra space the first race.
Because I don't want to crash and I am a long way behind to the top guys so my first priority is to get some solid points."

You're 24 points behind the leader at the moment and in 9th place in the driver championships. What is your goal to reach with drivers and constructors championships?
"Im going to give my hardest to win the driver championships, I know it will be a hard task being 24 points behind but we have a long way to go and Im sure championship-leader blue will get some badluck himself. With the constructors Im not quite sure, me and Lars had some badluck at the start but I think we can do the top 3."

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Sauber scintillate at Sochi!

Cheater-Cheater reclaimed the lead of the F4 Championship after taking advantage of a furious three-way battle for the other podium spots to earn victory at tonight's Russian Grand Prix.


After difficult starts to the season, pre-season title challenging favourites MrGrumpy, FlyingFrome and Frisostolk had upturns in form as they made up the rest of the top four having driven hard from start to finish, the Force India driver however playing himself out of contention for a podium having got too many penalties.

With most one stopping with inter conditions throughout, Cheater slowly pulled away as the battles went on behind him.

CraigPinchbeck finished 5th for the second race in a row showing some consistency while Larsgaming123 opened his account for the season having had a superb battle with Davejavu and bluemosquito. Defending F4 Champion WarrenHague's poor qualifying for this race cost him as he was caught up in midfield incidents limiting him to 9th and lfc4life711 put in a solid performance to complete a fine day for Sauber as he took the final championship point.

Musical Venom was well off the pace in the other Torro Rosso while SirSpud brought his Ferrari home as the final finisher in 12th out of the 16 who started. With a quarter of the season gone, the respective tables are beginning to take shape.

Who can stop Cheater-Cheater as the grid heads over to the sunny climes of Spain next week?

Check back as we get more reaction from the drivers after the rain affected Russian Grand Prix!

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PSGL Sports: That was not a good race for you was it?

Venom: No prizes for saying that. (laughs)

PSGL Sports: Why exactly were you so off the pace here in Russia?

Venom: I can't say for sure, whatever the team tried I couldn't get the best out of the car. It was not a good feeling, I've never finished a race not inside the points before. I just didn't have the speed today, simple as that.

PSGL Sports: So is this a case of it being an off day and focusing on the next one as quickly as possible?

Venom: For sure. I just want to get out of here as soon as possible to be honest, its been a bad day for me on the track. Grumpy's result was good for the team so there is that, we're in a decent position in the team battle.

PSGL Sports: Next week we head to Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix. Will you be expecting better there?

Venom: No doubt about it. Cheers.

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Late call to change steering wheel for Friso.
Just before the race I decided to change my steering wheel. It was raining the whole race and I wasn't confident enough that I had the pace on my new wheel. I struggled the first laps because I didn't do any practice in the rain and took every corner in a wrong gear so I was sliding all over the place. Get my shit together and closed the gap to cheater. Cheater broked a bit early in the hairpin so I had to avoid him and get an 5 second stop and go penalty. After the stops Grumpy did the overcut because of my stop and go. I was battling so much with Grumpy and Frome that cheater could go and have a shit and still could be in first place. I had a very fun race and although I nearly crashed in to mrgrumpy again (i would've retired this season if I did). Next time we're going for a top 3!

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"In for a penny, in for a pound" says Cheater.

Cheater was once again on the podium, joined by title rivals MrGrumpy and FlyingFrome.

The 2017 PSGL F4 championship continued this week with round three in a soaking wet Sochi. Drivers struggled to stay on track in the damp conditions as the rain failed to ease up for the duration of the race. Cheater was able to capitalise on a small error from Friso and took the lead at the end of lap two. From there he was able to fend off the Force India driver for the rest of the first stint.

MrGrumpy, FlyingFrome and Friso traded places several times during the second half of the race, often a whisker away from heartbreak. This enabled Cheater to open a comfortable gap to the chasing pack as he cruised home for his second victory of the season. Elsewhere, BlueMosquito lost the championship lead as he fell down the order in the tricky conditions. Fresh from his win in Russia, we caught up with the the Sauber driver.

"Of course I'm happy to get another win. The pressure was on and I was able to withstand it. That was something I wasn't sure of going into this race, how would I cope with such intense pressure from a racer as quick as Friso? It certainly gives me a little bit of confidence going forward. It was also nice to banish the bad memories I have of this place. I've only raced here the one time before this weekend, I didn't even make it to turn two.

I'd also like to give a huge amount of credit to the team. We were in discussion before qualifying started, right up until I was ready to leave the garage actually, unsure on what sort of set up to run. We knew the rain would be here for the race and decided to gamble with more downforce. Credit to the boys in the factory too, they heard my plea after round one and were able to bring some additions to the car."

Cheater is of course talking about the T-wing. Sauber have been working furiously behind the scenes to improve their car and this aggressive development path is seeing immediate success.

The new T-wing is sure to divide fans.

"It's not the most beautiful bit of material but it does the job. What's interesting is that, other than Force India, none of our challengers have thought to introduce this sort of thing. We have to keep pushing now, we have to stay ahead of the curve. Regarding Force India's interpretation, it's not quite as sophisticated as ours. I haven't had a chance to talk with Friso yet, I'll be quite interested to see how he felt theirs worked. I'm sure he'll be coy on the matter. You know what Jimmy Fallon says though: "God loves a trier."

How will Blue react after his tough run out in Russia? Can Venom find his way back into the points? Will Ijsimo keep it out of the walls? Find out this Sunday at 8:15pm on F1 LiveStiming, live from Catalunya.

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Toro rosso looking good in Thursday Free Practice.

With a grid of only five cars it wasn't the most crowded practice session. But it didn't let the fans down. Friso was the fastest qualifier, but it was Musical-Venom who took the lead after turn 1. Venom lead until the second pit stop when the team decided they had enough practice and decided to save the engine and retire the car. Friso would lead the pack but had a moment at the end of the practice session which leads to a familiar face in 1st place, the 2-time race winner Cheater, within 2 seconds Simo and in third Blue. Its good to see the Renault driver get his act together and be in the pack.
The cars looking closely matched this weekend so its looking to be an exciting Grand Prix!

You can watch f4 live at 8:15 pm at multichannel stim

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Friso: "gutted, really gutted"
Last week Friso had his first podium of the season, but although he started on pole 3 times he couldn't turn it in to a victory once again.[/size]
"Are you happy with your result?"
Mehh, Yeah sure Ill take a second place, but I feel I finally had the race pace to take a win. I was on the wrong strategy and sweating so hard to get back on cheater but in the end the sauber team did the strategy perfect.
" You're now 3rd in the championship, with a big gap to the first 2. What is your plan for the rest of the season?"
Im going to try my hardest to close the gap. The front two have to get some bad luck aswel this season. But you can't keep Frome and Mrgrumpy out aswel. Frome turned to no assists and that means he is only getting quicker.

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F4 title race over already?

Another week, another victory for Sauber's Cheater-Cheater as he took his third win of the season to take a commanding lead of the F4 Championship having seen off the challenge of Frisostalk who finished in second for Force India having taken pole position but unable to convert that into a victory having to make an extra stop, handing victory to his championship rival who now has a twenty four point lead in the standings.

With nearly half the grid missing due to their cars being stolen by the Russian mafia last week, it was a big opportunity for big points for those that remained.


FlyingFrome continued steady progress with another podium for Renault who had their best combined points total so far this season with ijsimo finishing in 5th with DaveJaVu in 4th to score points for Haas. MrGrumpy may well had been on the podium if not for transmission problems coming home in 6th for Torro Rosso, BWCLYDE earned Red Bull some much needed points in 7th with Bluemosquito's title bid taking another hit as he came home in 8th with the returning Malc gaining 9th for Ferrari.

Musical Venom's poor form continued as the Torro Rosso pit crew could not locate their mans tyres meaning he was limited to 10th and a lap down. It also included a heavy crash on lap four that saw him replace his wing.

F4's runaway championship leader could well put the first nail in championship glory when the field races in Canada next week!

More reaction follows from the Spanish Grand Prix!

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Venom rules out title bid

With 1 point from the last two races it has been a trying time for the Torro Rosso driver, furious at his team after what had already been a disappointing race turned into humiliation as he was lapped thanks to a problem in the pit lane that saw him sit for 100 seconds waiting for them to find the tyres.

PSGL Sports: What can you say after a race like this?

Venom: Its unbelievable. The last two races have been absolutely shocking, if everything could have gone wrong it has. Today really made me snap, this should have been a strong track for us and it certainly was in practice but from the word go the car felt terrible during the race and then the pit stop was the icing on the cake.

Its amateurish, its embarrassing. I should not be struggling to get into the points, I have won races in this division before but seem to be a mile away from that right now.

PSGL Sports: You had two strong results to start the season. What's changed.

Venom: I don't know. We've tried a lot of different things but its not working right now.

PSGL Sports: You came into this season believing you could challenge for the title, that dream is over?

Venom: Yea. Absolutely no chance now. I need to find some form again, let alone think about things like that.

PSGL Sports: Next up for you is Canada, a track where you once jokingly called Cursed Canada given your poor fortunes in ever race you have had there.

Venom: Its not a track I've had much joy at so... onwards and upwards I guess? I need a result to regain my confidence. Cheers

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"It's not just about me" says Cheater.

Cheater was on the top step again, joined by Force India's Friso and Renault's Frome.

The 2017 PSGL F4 championship found itself in Spain this week, and not without a hitch. A dry qualifying was followed by a torrential downpour, leading the race to be pushed back. Friso and Cheater both opted to start on the mediums, hoping that track position would open up options towards the end of the race. The two stayed up front during the first stint before both drivers pitted on lap 14.

A twist was to follow as Force India opted to put Friso onto a two-stop strategy with Sauber boldly calling for a set of the hards which would see Cheater through to the end. The brave decision proved to be vital as Cheater was able to maintain a steady pace to take the chequered flag ahead of the quickly approaching Friso and Frome. Further down the field both Toro Rossos and Mclaren's BlueMosquito had issues. Off the back of his third victory, we caught up with the Sauber driver.

"What a bloody race! It was almost the opposite of the last race in Sochi. I was following for a lot of the first stint, really unable to capitalise on the tiny errors Friso was making. The game was completely changed during the stops though. Ruth [Buscombe](Sauber Chief Strategist) made the call to one stop with a long stint on the hards. It was clear during the opening laps that we didn't have the pace to match Friso, we had to at least try something different. Thankfully Ruth pulled a blinder here."

Buscombe, similar to Frédéric Vasseur, is another one on board for this ambitious project that sees Sauber sitting at the top of both Drivers' and Constructors' standings.

Buscombe followed Cheater from Haas to Sauber over the winter.

"I really pushed for her to make the switch with me as I knew this would be an opportunity for her to thrive. Here we are now, three wins under our belt and things look pretty good. I think people are starting to realise that we're not a flash in the pan. We have a lot of people working all hours of the day back in Zurich. If it's not those guys hammering away, trying to find the a tenth here and a tenth there, it's the team we have at track side. It's easy to forget just how many people contribute to teams up and down the grid. I'll keep championing them as I'm extremely thankful that we've been able to experience this tiny bit of success at the top of the sport.

Cheater inherited the lead on lap 25 when Friso pitted for a second set of the softs. With the gap slowly but surely shrinking, Cheater did all he could on the much slower compound and was just able to fend off the flying Dutchman.

"Yeah, it looked touch and go right up the final lap. We were never going to win on outright pace, a great strategy call and some consistency saw us through. That's one thing I can't fault about this car. I feel as though I can drive exactly how I would like. I've always been decent over long runs and this car is really highlighting that."

The C36 was able to look after its tyres in the hot conditions.

"Looking on to Canada, I really don't know how we'll fare over there. It's not my favourite track on the calendar, I won't lie about that. We'll just have to see we go. We've had a string of great results up to now, long may that continue. And as Jimmy Fallon would say: "It's a big blue watery road", see you over there!"

Will Friso be able to make it back to back podiums? Will Ijimso be able to build on his promising fifth place? Can finally Venom turn his fortune around? Find out this Sunday at 8:30pm on F1 LiveStiming, live from Montréal.

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Wednesday free practice seemed promising.
Last night there was a free practice session with 7 cars joining the free practice it was a good indication which car had the better pace. Qualifying seemed close as the gap between the top 3 was less than a tenth in the first stint of qualifying, but Friso managed to push a lap in which gave him almost a two tenth advantage. the top 4 were only separated by 3 tenths of a second. Cheater was a bit down the order, drivers couldn't figure out if he was sandbagging or it was his real qualy pace because he seemed to have pretty good race pace. With Friso Blue and Frome seeming to have the same race pace it is down to who have the bigger balls to run lower downforce to have an opportunity to get passed by the straights.

Can Blue get back in the championship fight by cheater getting a bad result? Can Friso close the gap to first and second place?
Can Frome follow Friso to chase them down? Can Frome finish the race without a 12 second time penalty? Can Friso do that?Lets find out sunday night 8:30 pm at stim's world

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Friso flies in Canada!

Pole position king Frisostolk finally converted one of these pole positions taking victory at the Canadian Grand Prix after 35 laps and seemingly emerging for the time being as Cheater-Cheater's main title challenger along with bluemosquito who lost further ground after his problems in Spain, finishing 4th on track but dropping to 5th in the end.

The fans were thrilled by a fantastic wheel to wheel battle between Torro Rosso's MrGrumpy and the F4 Championship leader Cheater-Cheater. Penalties decided their final positions in 2nd and 3rd. Sauber blaming a water cooling issue on Cheater's drop to 3rd in the end.


Musical Venom returned to form in Canada, finishing 4th having received no penalties to complete a good weekend for Torro Rosso in the constructors championship winning a near race long battle with Renault's ijsimo who having also not picked up penalties finished a solid 6th. Larsgaming had a problematic race but finished strongly in 7th with the fastest lap while the Haas team had a difficult session with the two drivers finishing in 8th and 9th with WarrenHague's title defence again not going to plan.

Mercedes had cause to celebrate with Sab7786 scoring his first ever point in F4 and also handing Mercedes their first point of the season having taken advantage of multiple retirements with FlyingFrome suffering a loss of audible output from the Renault engine and Miles, BWCLYDE and Williams newcomer Jacktyler crashing out during the race with only ten finishers from 14 in the end.

Cheater-Cheater despite his issues remains the only driver on the grid to have scored a podium at every race and actually extended his championship lead to 28 points while Sauber will need to get both cars to score points sooner rather than later given the strong performances Torro Rosso and Force India are starting to put together across both garages.

Next week, F4 returns to Europe for the British Grand Prix!

More reaction follows from the Canadian Grand Prix from The Pitlane!

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