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Missing the Start of FIFA 18 - Volunteering in Tanzania

Hi FIFA heads!

I posted in the General Forum but wanted to post on here as its also the FIFA section!

I will unfortunately not be here for the start of a new FIFA game on PSGL for the first time in something crazy like 7 years...(feel old now) so I will not be able to help with the running of FIFA for 3 months from September 26th. But I will be back again at the end of December to see this booming community and participate / hopefully help on the admin side as well if you all will have me!

Last September I had an eye accident wherein I needed emergency eye surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital the same day  :o I had a lengthy spell out of work to recover and had to take it easy for 6 months (which is why you saw me on the site a lot more than usual and yes I played FIFA with one eye for months lol). That experience made me evaluate certain things in my life and want to contribute more to other people who are less advantaged in life. That has led me to leave the comfort of loved ones, technology and everything we are accustomed to in the UK, and fortunately I have been selected to volunteer with Raleigh International for 3 months from this September until December  to tackle poverty in a rural community.

This is a part of Raleigh ICS, a Government funded scheme which enables young people to volunteer in impoverished countries  around the world to tackle poverty, then using what we have learned from our experience of the project to contribute to an Action At Home Project in my local community after returning.

More information is on my Just Giving page that I have recently set up:

It would be incredible if you would be able to spare any contribution and donate to this great cause. The UK Government provides 90% of the funding for Raleigh ICS which covers the costs of my training, flights, visas, travel and medical insurance, vaccines, food and accommodation. The final 10% is the £800 which I need to fundraise and I have managed to acquire £400 so I'm halfway there!

I have to emphasise and stress that NONE of your contributions will be going to me; ALL the money raised goes towards the overall running costs of Raleigh ICS, ensuring other volunteers get the chance to contribute in poorer communities worldwide and make a difference.

Thank you all for taking the time to read all of this, I really appreciate it! 

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