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Criminal Mastermind Challenge on GTA (Heists)

I'm going to be doing a series of streams on our YouTube Channel trying out the Criminal Mastermind Challenge on GTA which basically means the following

If you haven't done the All in Order and Loyalty awards, those awards each give you $1.000.000 and can and WILL add up to your Mastermind reward, resulting in a total of $12.000.000. Those awards have two same requirements as the Criminal Mastermind award.

This award came out in version 1.21 of GTA Online, which introduced, after nearly 2 years, the so-desired Heists Jobs. These include a total of 5 Heists (as of yet, it is unknown if more will be added to the game in the future). And each of them contain a number of Heist Setups, very similar to how the Single Player Heists works. You'll need to collect a number of vehicles, eliminate certain Enemy Targets, and acquire certain files/documents required for your heists.

This challenge requires extensive concentration, co-ordination with your team mates, knowledge, and experience. It is HIGHLY adviced that you complete all of the Heists at least once before attempting this challenge. Not only so that you get your own experience before attempting the challenge, but also so that you unlock two bulletproof vehicles that are almost mandatory for the challenge: The Kuruma, and the Insurgent (the normal Insurgent, not the "Pickup" one).

Complete All Heists and Setups in Order:
This means that you must complete them in this order: Fleeca Job, Prison Break, Humane Labs, Series A Funding, Pacific Standard.
Complete All Heists and Setups with the Same Team:
You must complete them all with the same team of players from the beginning to the end.
Complete All Heists and Setups on Hard Difficulty:
All of the setups and finales, EVERY single one of them, must be completed in Hard Difficulty. Including the first mission where you have to drive with Lester to the Fleeca Bank.
Complete All Heists and Setups without anybody in the team dying:
If a single player dies while on the Mastermind Run, all the players will receive a pop-up message above the minimap, saying "Criminal Mastermind Challenge has been failed". So, nobody must die.

This isn't easy and if anyone dies, we have to start the first heist again and work up but completion of this challenge would result in $12Million GTA Dollars!!

I'm going to start this on Sunday 12pm and if you are fully committed to joining our crew for every heist for as long as it takes then send me a PM message!!

There is very limited places and there are only a couple of spots so let me know asap

Re: Criminal Mastermind Challenge on GTA (Heists)

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Rockstar has just announced that it's Double money and RP on heists for a week starting today so there is lots of money for the taking