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Re: Nintendo Switch - General Discussion

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Re: Nintendo Switch - General Discussion

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Looks awesome [emoji16] I thought I'd go for the all grey version, but the neons look good. Does that controller holder come packed in? Is it comfortable? Until you get the Pro I guess.

Re: Nintendo Switch - General Discussion

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Hi all,

I got mine last night. Happy to share my thoughts, however, I only managed to spend a couple of hours on it.

The Switch is very comfortable to hold and the screen is very clear. It isn't large or heavy to burden being carried around and I didn't notice any blurriness with the screen. I think it actually looks sharper on the screen than docked but not sure that's conclusive as I spent most of the time handheld. I got about 90 mins play time undocked before the battery started to die. Apparently you can get around 3 hours with Zelda but my battery wasn't 100%.

What is superb is the number of options you have to playing the games. You can choose to play as a handheld, in the joycon holder or loose like the Wii's remote and nunchuck without any detriment to how games play. I think I will invest in a Pro Controller eventually, though it's not necessary. The joycon holder comes packaged too, though, it's probably my least favoured option. Although the controller is nicely sized and the handles are ergonomic I found he equivalent L2 and R2 are not flush with the L1 and R1 buttons like on a dualshock so there is a a slight more effort to reach the L1 and R1 buttons. Maybe the photo below illustrates that.

Not sure if it justifies £330 (Switch and Zelda) though. I guess it depends on your disposable income, how much you like Nintendo games and how much you foresee using it. Overall, I'm dead impressed and look forward to pretty much all of Nintendo's future releases. We've already seen Mario, Mario Kart, Splatoon, but please please give us a new Metroid, Kirby, Yoshi, Donkey Kong and F Zero!

Happy to help answer any other questions anyone else may have.

Re: Nintendo Switch - General Discussion

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As a nintendo fan myself,

Got it last night, set it up and was downloading the update. At the first moment it took hours before it cut of, then I resumed the download and took less than a minute lol. I haven't played much handheld mode but imo nintendo got the basic feeling right of the switch! You can basically play it anywhere on the handheld and dock it in to play on tv. For me mostly it was the tv.

The joycons don't feel that difficult or dodgy like people are saying. It's fine for me. I put them in the controller holder(like on my picture in above post) and I can play. It's a different controller of course so it'll take time to get used to but it's not annoying as people say, so I don't think I'll buy and *expensive* pro controller for now.

It might not have than many things to do in the switch like on wii u(like miiverse or the mii plaza) but imo that's normal since it is normally only a handheld. Just like they used wireless connection instead of cabled connection. It's just you playing the games like in the N64 or gamecube era.

Now of course people say the amount of launch titles aren't big enough. But that one game as launch title should dominate enough, just like lil old mario 64 dominates the N64 as only launch title(I think!). Yes I am talking about the legend of zelda breath of the wild.

Played about 4 hours orso last night and I love it so far. No title sequence or anything like that. It's just you, waking up from a deep slumber by a voice. You get up, go outisde in nothing but pants(altho you find clothes on the way) and embrace the gigantic and gorgeous view. Normally zelda games throw you into the story in like a home town or family and then oh no something terrible happens. Now though, you know nothing. You find an unknown world, ready to get explored.

They really got the theme of exploration soooo right. I just wanted to do nothing but that. I was just climbing some trees for apples, climbing some mountain, catching some fish with my bare hands. Then together with some spicy pepper I found I cooked up something nice as hearts are gone, now you need food to survive.

Normally you also have standard sword and shield to defend yourself. Now tho, at the beginning, I had nothing but a tree branch to fight some monsters(from which I took their weapons and shield), also hunted some wild boars(one of which I blew up and it left some nice meat for my campfire).

And I could go ooooon. But you can basically see I'm hooked. For me as a nintendo fan, the fact that it's a zelda game blows my mind after all and I couldn't really care for other launch titles. So I'm happy nintendo spread their launches out. Games like mario kart, mario oddysess, splatoon2, arms, XB2,... I'll probably buy. But like people say, they NEED to bring other franchises back to life for the switch to be succesfull. For the money I gave(about 330) I could say it's all alright. But if you're a guy that is fine to wait for other titles to come out, I would wait then. As you never know. I had one minor issue with framerate drops sometimes on zelda on tv but it was only minor so nothing that keeps me from playing ;) there were also rumors of the left joycon nothing calibrating right but I had no problems myself, and some online sources speak of hardware problems but haven't noticed anything yet. You could say it was a rushed launch but tbh you can see why as the wii u was falling further and nintendo needed to something to come back

But enjoying it so far, see picture below of me and my wolf(named him Faunus lol xD)

Taken from ipad tho
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Re: Nintendo Switch - General Discussion

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Interesting to read your thoughts guys. The hardware and the concept behind it definately appeals to me. For me, they just need more games. Or i should say, show that they really are making a consistent run of games for over the next 24 months. I've seen people buy the Wii and then the Wii U expecting Nintendo to deliver classics from their IP. All they delivered was largely the same old stuff from the same old franchises, as good as they may have been.

I have also read about some issues. A few people from another forum i frequent have had issues with the left joycon i think. Where the console has been slightly behind a TV unit and it drops out. I have also read about scratches appearing on screen after taking it in and out of the dock, so be careful guys and get a screen protector! However, there may also be issues with those as the heat created when docked might be lifting the screen protector. But i haven't read examples of this first hand.

But, after all that, enjoy the gaming!  :111:

Re: Nintendo Switch - General Discussion

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I've had no issues so far and tbh there are always some units that have a defect whenever a new console launches, be it either from nintendo or xbox or playstation. There are just those unfortunate victims. Also I don't mind a litlle scratch, I've seen people with a broken screen of their ipad or iphone and still use it lol
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Re: Nintendo Switch - General Discussion

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Watched it live, some interesting stuff about their new games like ARMS and splatoon 2 that fans will like. I mean some were hoping new stuff including me but they did say this direct was focused around these games. Plus other 3ds and switch less important games although I did see some suprises I liked. Things like mario kart, fire emblem, the new monster hunter game, the year of kirby 2017 and other stuff.

Their holding their big announcements for E3 which they say will be big, let's just hope they deliver or it will be a massive blow.
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Re: Nintendo Switch - General Discussion

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I was reading today that Nintendo has ended production of the mini Snes machine. Why exactly???? They must be making money hand over fist with that thing.

They truly are a bizarre company when it comes to logical business decisions. Really very odd.

Re: Nintendo Switch - General Discussion

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Yeah could not believe this when I heard about it. I don't even think they know what they are doing

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Re: Nintendo Switch - General Discussion

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One reason why Nintendo has ended making more NES Mini-consoles might be that (according to sources close to the company have confirmed that Nintendo is currently developing SNES Mini-console and it is scheduled to be released just before christmas.

Re: Nintendo Switch - General Discussion

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Interesting, but how long will that be out for? lol Nutty company.

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I found it strange even if they were making an snes classic, why stop the nes classic? Strange move imo
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