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PSGL Team (What We Do) - Updated Feb 2017

Chain of Command


Forum Moderator

Game Director

League Admin


General Description

Administrators are the small group of admins who represent PSGL. Unless otherwise specified, Administrators have no connection with any form of Leagues and their running, but rather oversee operations as a whole to ensure that all admins are doing their jobs accordingly.

The Administrators are here to do everything in their power to ensure that PSGL continues to operate for our members and that the site running smoothly for our community competition. We oversee all running of the site and it's operations and all staff.


Operations. -  Administrators keep an eye on and run all operations on this site. Several methods are in place to try to ensure that all staff are doing their jobs and that our members are not abusing the system or its rules. We also work with our Game Directors to support and make sure that our competitions are run correctly and is always on the lookout to appoint new Directors. Mostly Administrators are keepers of the peace.

Development. - Administrators try to keep track of all requests for new features. Administrators take all suggestions and requests quite seriously as it's very clear that our members have always been at the forefront of where the site has got to today.

You cannot apply to be a Administrator

Forum Moderators

General Description

Moderators are there to make sure the forum is run correctly and that all posts are within the strict guidelines of the site and that all members are following the rules. Our Moderators assist anyone from newcomers to even the most experienced members. These individuals will offer up assistance and advising on the general rules, pointing members to the FAQ when appropriate. Moderators are the first contact for all new members and must always help and assist and welcome them to the site and offer any advice if needed. We consider Moderators to be at the front of the community.


Moderation. - Our Team of moderators are there to moderate the forum and ensure that the forum is operating at the correct level and that all posts are not in breach of rules. Moderators can ban members from the forum ranging from one day to even a Lifetime ban which would also include all League & event participation.

New Members. - Their main role is to welcome new members and offer advice and support in the community and engage them into taking part in our competitions.

Interaction. - Moderators will always engage with other members through all posts and show a presence in all topics and threads. Moderators must share their knowledge and help or assist any member who needs assistance.

New Posts. - Another important job is also ensuring that the forum is constantly busy which means posting new topics and engaging with the community on discussion which is relevant to the site.

Spreading the Word. - Moderators duty to the site includes spreading the word about what the site has to offer in the community aswell as other sites or social networks.

You need to have been a member for 12 months or over with 500 posts or more to become a Forum Moderator.

Game Directors

General Description

Game Directors are assigned for each game that we support such as F1 & FIFA . There is always one Game Director, but in many instances where the game is highly active or requires more attention then the Administrators will appoint other Game Directors.

Game Directors are the liason for league / Event Admins when they have questions or problems with their Leagues / Events that they cannot resolve on their own. Game Directors are charged with the overall success and smoothness of their competition.

Like League or Event Admins, Game Directors are also responsible for spreading the word to bring in new members and to start competing in their respected Game.


Ensuring League Admins are performing their duties. -  Game Directors have the responsibility of ensuring that League Admins are performing their responsibilities. Failure of league Admins to perform their duties will result in termination of the admin role and a replacement at his discretion.

Ensuring Event Admins are performing their duties. -  Game Directors have the responsibility of ensuring that Event Admins are performing their responsibilities. Failure of Event Admins to perform their duties will result in termination of the admin role and a replacement at his discretion.

Oversee general game operations. - In order to ensure that our events or Leagues is as smooth as possible, Game Directors are charged with reviewing all rules, concepts etc for their game to ensure that everything is clear for our members and that they understand . Game Directors should never interfere with any league unless the Admin is unresponsive and/or not performing their duties as required. The Game Director will make every effort to have the Admin make changes and deal with issues before becoming involved as a last resort.

Assigning Admins. -  Game Directors are charged with assigning League / Event admins for leagues in their respected games or events. Members have the right to become admins under our Pledge. However Game Directors are required to review all applications submitted carefully in order to place the right individuals (Making sure they are active).

Rules. - The Game Director is responsible for making sure all rules are clearly stated from each competition and will help and assist all admins to do this. We must also make sure that all admin are aware of our pledge which is our code of conduct which gives members the chance to operate their own leagues / Events.

Non-interference. -   Game Directors are asked to do everything in their power to get their admin to make changes and deal with situations on their own. Game Directors are in place to provide guidance and support. They must not to take the responsibility away from the Admins.

You need to have been a member for 12 months or over with 500 posts or more to become a Game Director.

League Admin

General Description

League Admins are the ones who run each of our leagues on PSGL. There can be one or more, but preferably always at least one. In the absence of a League Admin, the Game Director is responsible for running the league.

The League Admin(s) for each league are the main contact to which members should attempt to reach when there is a problem. Only in the event that the league admin cannot be contacted should members attempt to contact a Game Director. In the event a League admin cannot be reached to resolve a matter, a Game Director may be contacted to help resolve the situation, but as a last possible resort.

Any decision made by a League admin should be considered final. An appeal can be made to the Game Directors in an instance a participant feels any decision has not been fairly assessed, however this privilege should not be abused.


Running of the League. - The League admin is ultimately responsible for the running of their league and has full control over the concept of the league and it's rules, a Game Director is on offer to support the admin and is there to ensure that the League is run within the correct parameters of the site and its rules.

Investigation. -  Our goal is to have the most matches played with the least amount of cancelled matches. The League Admin is responsible for doing everything in their power to ensure that matches are played while still being fair to both opponents or their members.

Ensuring all rules are followed. -  All rules should be clear, concise and accurate. Anything not listed on the official rule section will never be considered a rule or treated as one. The League admin must make sure all members are aware of the rules and that they understand before playing.

Maintaining the Leagues. -  The League admin is responsible for keeping all league tables and results up to date (where applicable). The League admin must pass on all winner information to the Game Director to award the members trophies. The League Admin must also make sure that any hosted league matches are covered and in any event that the league game is cancelled that they give enough notice and contacts all members.

Contacting Members. -  Communication is very important, League Admins are responsible for always ensuring that our league members are always properly informed on all issues
Active & Inactive members. - It is also important that the League Admin send out messages to all members (active and inactive) regarding the conclusion of the league season, the declared winners, and also the estimated start date of the subsequent season.

Recruiting new members. - League Admin must always recruit new members for their leagues from our community forum, social networks, and other sites and let potential new members know the benefits of what the site has to offer.

There are no restrictions to become a League Admin.