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F1 League Rules & Information (UPDATED FEB 2017)

Formula 1 2016 Rules and Race Procedures

1 – Who are we?

1.1 - Our staff past and present have worked hard to make the PSGL F1 Leagues the very best on the web. Our league structure gives everyone, regardless of ability, the chance to race in a fun, competitive environment.

We are all about respect, both on and off the track and encourage everyone to engage with the community as much as possible.

2 -   Pre Race

2.1 – Race Thread - At some point in the few days before the race, the league admin will open a race thread in your league forum. This will contain a circuit map and any other useful race information such as key corners, as well as some questions to answer. Please use this thread to discuss the upcoming race.

2.2 –  Absence - If you cannot make the race, please let your league admin know as soon as possible. Missing 3 consecutive races without explanation may result in your removal from the league.
3 – Race Day

3.1 - The Lobby - The Race lobby will open at 7.50pm, and will be hosted by your league admin, unless it has been agreed to let someone else host. The session will start at 8.05pm at the earliest and 8:15pm at the latest. Please be on time or the session may start without you.

Any driver who has a prior commitment (eg work) should contact the league admin to make special arrangements if possible. Any decision to delay the race session will be made by the respective league admin.

3.2 – Car Selection -  It is up to each member to make sure they are in the right car. Failure to start the session the right car will lead to a penalty after the race.

3.3 -  Chat Room – The League admin will also set up and invite all drivers to a text/voice chat. Please join as it may be used to relay important information to drivers.

3.4 –  Race Format - All PSGL F1 races run a short qualifying session of 15 minutes, followed by a race of 50% distance, with the weather set to dynamic. Vehicle Damage will be set to full.

3.5 - Headsets – Sensible use of the microphone is permitted during qualifying and the race, but please be aware that drivers are trying to concentrate and do not use offensive language. Any instances of abuse will result in a punishment (eg a race ban)

3.6 - Race Times - F1 2016 has the ability for races to be done at anytime during the day, morning, afternoon and evening.  League rules will dictate that all races go ahead at specific times set to the race in real life, for example night races will be night races; all races will be done at official timing.

4 - Qualifying

4.1 – In/Out laps - Try and stay off the racing line when on in/out laps. Blocking another driver may result in a penalty.

4.2 – Setting a time - It is not mandatory to set a valid lap time. All drivers who qualify  outside the Top 10 have a free choice of tyres for the start of the race. All drivers inside the top 10 who have set a time must start the race on the set of tyres they set their best lap time on.

4.3 – Retirement - You can not retire on track, do so in the garage, you must NOT deliberately retire or destroy your car in order to retire, please do so in the pits, doing so will result in a penalty.

4.4 – Parc Ferme – is set to on for all PSGL league races, meaning you cannot change your car setup between qualifying and the race.

4.5 - Retiring during Qualifying - If after you have set a fast lap you then proceed to crash(retire) your car whether it is intentional or not you will incur a 15 second time penalty after the race; this is to avoid the issue of starting on the incorrect tyre to gain an advantage whether it's done on purpose or not * Rule stands if you qualify for the top 10.*

5 – Disconnects

5.1 – During Qualifying - If someone disconnects before 5 minutes of Qualifying has gone, the League admins will set up a new lobby immediately so the qualifying Session can be restarted.

If someone disconnects after 5 minutes they will carry on until the end of Qualifying. After that the League Admins will set up a new lobby to perform a Safety car restart. If the person who has disconnected has already set a time it does not count.

5.2 - Qualifying track limit discretions- A maximum limit of 3, on one single lap and not on different laps through the session will constitute a qualifying ban for the next race and a 10 second time penalty on current race.

5.3 – After Qualifying – If someone disconnects in between qualifying and the race, the League Admins will set up a new lobby to perform a Safety car restart. Qualifying results will stand, disconnect will start from the back.

5.4 - Disconnection Weather Settings - Weather settings for the new race lobby will be based on the original race conditions:

- If the original race was 100% dry then the room shall be set to dry.
- If the original race was 100% rain then the room shall be set to heavy rain.
- Anything in between and the room will be set to dynamic.

5.5 - Safety Car Restarts – When a SC Restart is required, every driver is expected to get into their grid positions gained through the qualifying session on the first lap. Any driver who disconnected before the end of qualifying will start from the back of the grid. All drivers must use the same compound tyre they qualified on - starting on a different tyre than you qualified on will lead to a penalty of 35 seconds.
- Lead driver who is the safety car can "bolt" during or after the final corner once all cars are in order.
- Overtaking cannot commence unless out of the final corner and on the start finish straight, DRS is not to be used.

Click here for a guide on how to execute a perfect SC restart (

The session will be restarted a maximum of 3 times.

5.6 - Lobby Collapse/Split Lobby - In the event of a mass disconnection or the lobby splitting in two, you should continue to race and await further instruction from your league admin. It is at their discretion to decide what to do.

6 – The Race

6.0 - Race Times - F1 2016 has the ability for races to be done at anytime during the day, morning, afternoon and evening.  League rules will dictate that all races go ahead at specific times set to the race in real life, for example night races will be night races.

6.1 – Going to Track - Please do not press go to track, this is the responsibility of the host. Please wait for the signal from the Admins to go to track.

6.2 – Tyres - During a dry race, all drivers are required to use both the “Option” & the “Prime” tyre at some point. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. If wet tyres are required during a race, this rule no longer applies.

6.3 – Race Start/First Lap – Drivers are requested to take extra care to avoid contact on the first lap of the race and avoid sudden movements.

6.4 – Driving – Drivers are expected to drive in a sensible manner with good racing etiquette and respect for their fellow competitors at all times.

6.4a - One movement - More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted. Any driver moving back towards the racing line, having earlier defended his position off‐line, should leave at least one car width between his own car and the edge of the track on the approach to the corner."

Click here for a simple guide to fair racing (

6.5 – Corner Cutting/Track Extending - All cars must keep two wheels within the track limits at all times. The Boundaries are clearly marked by the white lines. This also applies to pit lane entry & exit at every circuit. Consistently breaking track limits could result in a penalty.

6.6 – Incidents/Penalties - Information on Stewarding and how we deal with on track incidents/penalties in the PSGL F1 Leagues can be found here (

6.7 - Incident reporting All drivers have 48 hours after a race has finished to report incidents, any incident reported past the deadline will be thrown out, stewards have a busy task and any penalties awarded over this limit may not give a timeframe to implement a penalty for the next race in time.

6.8 - Reset to track This is not allowed and frowned upon, any drivers found violating this rule in future will receive a 10 second fixed penalty.

6.9 - Retirements - If you wish to retire from the race, you should find a safe place to pause the game and retire from the session (eg the pits). You MUST NOT deliberately destroy your car in order to retire. Doing so may result in a penalty.

6.9a - AI Disconnections - It is the responsibility of the drivers to retire the car safety so that the AI taking over the car in the absence of said driver does not disrupt the race. Drivers are encouraged to resume racing as normal or to retire the car in the pits or in a safe manner on track.  If this procedure is not adhered to it is at the disgression of the league admin to add a time penalty, forward to the stewards, if this continues suspension or removal from Championship will be looked into, it is appreciated that majority of drivers will race and finish.

6.9b - Formation Lap - Messing around on the formation lap and by keeping the required speed and grid position although the CPU places you in original spot will not be tolerated, treat as a real race situation, it is at the disgression of the admin to inform stewards of said members actions.

6.9c - Manual starts - For this season PSGL will operate with manual starts.

6.9d - Pit Assist - Pit Assist will be Disabled by the lobby host, drivers are expected as with the race to operate the pit manually, the game has added additions which will require skill and to make the races more unpredictable and as life like as possibly both pitting manually and manual starts will be in operation.

7 – Post Race

7.1 – Race Results – The league admin will post the race results after the race. Points will then be added then be added to the Drivers & Constructors Championship standings.

7.2 - Classification/Points System – All drivers who completed 95% of the racing laps prior to disconnection and not retirement on via quitting will be classified and receive half points.

Points are awarded as follows

1st – 16 pts
2nd – 12pts  
3rd – 10 pts
4th – 8 pts
5th – 6pts
6th – 5 pts
7th – 4pts
8th – 3 pts
9th – 2 pts
10th – 1 pt  

7.3 - Corner cutting It is the responsibility of the streamers and the league admins to record or picture the race director once the qualifying and race has finished, the ruling for warnings is as follows:-

3 Warnings: 3 seconds
6 Warnings: 6 seconds
8 Warnings: 10 seconds
10 Warnings: 15 Seconds
12 Warnings: DSQ

8 – The Championship

8.1 – Calendar – The Championship Calendar is published before the season, and can be found in the “Race Calendar & Results” Section of your league forum

8.2  - Champions/Trophies – The drivers/teams that accumulate the most points over the season are declared Champions. PSGL Trophies are also awarded for 2nd & 3rd place.

8.3 - Level points -  If there is a dead heat at the end of the season the championship will be decided on “countback”. Ie the Driver/team with the most race wins will be declared Champion. If that is equal the driver/team with the most 2nd places will be the winner etc.