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Lowdown Episode 3 Update

I have had a few members ask me when the next episode is out and we should be recording the next episode Next Friday and it will be released via Soundcloud that very night and then a few days later on iTunes.

The YouTube video will hopefully be released the next day, I will be doing something different for the visuals and attempting to make it more interactive so as soon as I have finished editing the audio and Visuals it will be released on our Channel.

I don't want to say what the episode will be about but we will be talking about more then 1 game and we will be talking about Gameblast and the events we are running on PSGL.

If you have any questions you would like us to answer or talk about then let me know on this thread or via PM

Thanks guys

Re: Lowdown Episode 3 Update

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Episode 3 will be released tonight at some point as we are going to start recording the episode in the next 30 minutes. Hopefully you will enjoy it even though the topic is slightly edgier then what we normally talk about

Re: Lowdown Episode 3 Update

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Final Update

I've just finished the visual editing after 4 hours and now I'm waiting for the video to render which is going to take 2 hours so then I can upload to YouTube so the video won't be ready for release until tomorrow morning.

The Audio is not as good as it can be and Shiffed Audio was very low which we did not notice during recording but next time we will do tests beforehand.

I really hope you show some love and hit the like button when it comes out and subscribe if you haven't done so all already, I can now announce that we will be talking about PewDiePie, Call Of Duty, and GameBlast 2017 with a secret topic on top

Not as good as episode 2 in terms of banter but it's definitely a close second and the quality of the visual is better and I'm still learning so it will improve as the series goes along :)