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GTR 3 Discussion [PS4 | PC]

Simbin's next game is GTR 3 and is releasing next year on PS4, PC and Xbox One. GTR 2 was amazing on PC, so this should be good. Simbin are a great studio. So got good hopes for this.

Edit - it's the newly formed Simbin UK that are making this. Their studio is based in Manchester and is comprised mainly of the Sector 3 development team, who made the excellent RaceRoom game for PC.

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Yeah, the Swedish studio disbanded a few years ago if I remember rightly, but they've reformed in the UK.

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Ahh, that would be why then. lol
Will be interesting to see what they do. But, oddly, compared to 10 years ago it is such an incredibly competitive market for sims or semi-sims these days. Back then, everything was an arcade racer. Or perhaps I am remembering things wrongly.