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Other consoles, other franchises

Hi guys I'm curious

I know this site is called 'playstation' gl but I'm wondering, what other consoles(besides pc) does everyone have. And what other franchises have they played?

Playstation has had their classics like crash banicoot and witcher, last of us, etc

But I myself started with gameboy, gamecube, other franchises such as Pokemon, legend of zelda, smash bros nintendo stuff. It was only before going into league racing I started playing ps3 and ps4

I was just cycling through today the games I had and wondered who else maybe here has them for maybe some online banter

So anyone share?
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Re: Other consoles, other franchises

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I've never had any other consoles than PlayStation, but i did have Gameboys back in the day.
The PS2 was a golden era of gaming, not just console gaming. Games were so varied back then. I mean, Spyro and Medieval, imagine them getting made today!

Re: Other consoles, other franchises

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With two young boys my house is full of consoles. You name it we'll have it. Only thing i dont have now is an original PS1.  For me the first xbox was better than the ps2 but since then playstation has ruled the roost. The ps3 was awesome imo. Still pay it now.

Dan has a ps4, Wii u, wii and an xbox360
Matthew has an xbox1, ps3 wii u and an american wii.

Other none playstation franchises i've played and still enjoy today.... Forza, gears of war and halo.

Re: Other consoles, other franchises

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In terms of actual consoles PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4, remember going to a local game shop and they suggested to get a PS1 rather than a Gamecube.

In terms of now, I just use my PS4 for F1 and FIFA only and my 2DS for Pokemon...

Don't play much else anymore, when I was younger, played a wider variety of games.

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