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The Lowdown Monthly Podcast - Starting December 2016

I am really excited to be announcing a brand new podcast show that will be showing on YouTube every week where we will discussing gaming news of the week and debating topics that is relevant in gaming and the community. We will also have special guests and every podcast will have a Q&A where you can submit questions for us to discuss and talk about.

The Hosts

The complete legend that is Teddyuk will be hosting the podcast and making sure the other's behave themselves and attempt to keep everyone on the right topic and Shiffed will be our other regular host who will be interacting with our viewers and keeping the questions coming.

Our final host will more then likely change from week to week and will consist of the GAMEplay admin and special guests so each podcast will have 3 hosts who will debate the things that matter.

Finally we will be doing a special PSGL section of the podcast talking about news which is relevant to our community such as league results and winners and talking about news within the site.

The Podcast start date will be announced soon and your support will be greatly appreciated so if you haven't subscribed to the channel yet then please do so as it would mean a lot.

Please submit any questions you would like us to debate and discuss on this thread >

Our Podcast will be available on YouTube and very soon iTunes

Re: The Lowdown Podcast (Coming soon)

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If you would like to feature on the podcast either as a future host or special guest or you might want to nominate someone who you think might be really good for the show.

Send me a PM Message and let me know as the main focus of the podcast is our community and we want everyone to play a part in the podcasts