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Newsletter error / Message that you just received

I recently sent out some newsletters to all members of the site and it seems many of you have only received a blank message, My apologies and basically the message should have contained the following :

~GAMEplay Game Review Contest~

As we are starting to produce game review videos I would like to get more of the community involved.
Thus, I have decided to hold a competition for our members to submit their own review video for the chance of winning....

A £20 PSN Voucher!!!

I will personally purchase this for the winner and send them a redeemable code.

This can be the game of your choice, other than one already reviewed on the GAMEplay Channel. The winning video will be used in our YouTube channel along with credits to the winner.


Video length should be between 3-10 minutes long
A good all round review of the game and why you like it
Some gameplay included in the video

How to enter

Simply reply here with your game choice and a link to your video on your preferred video hosting site and I will add your name to the listed entrants. Throughout the competition I will watch all the videos and pick my favourite and announce the winner. Other entries may also be uploaded to the GAMEplay YouTube Channel.



no entries as of yet...

This is a very kind offer from shiffed and I really appreciate it buddy. What we are really trying to do is gain more involvement from you guys and hopefully getting you to subscribe to our channel, we want to promote the site through youtube and hopefully years down the line get into a position where we can generate revenue so we can reward our community with prizes etc

If you haven't subscribed then please do so, if you have a youtube channel then you can also let me know and we will also promote it via our channel. Just let me know via PM

Thanks guys