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Re: GAMEplay Review Video Contest!

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Everything is fine guys lol

All PSGL staff have a duty to investigate any suspicious activity on the forum and it's because of the amount of new members signing up and participating which means we have to be cautious and investigate.

We have rules that needs to be followed and we have to look at the bigger picture, we don't mean any disrespect and will fully apologise if we are wrong but we have to fully investigate.

Like I said before any future videos will have to have references and if you are joining the forum for the first time and is using the same internet as another person then you need to report this to an administrator before posting

Cheers guys

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Re: GAMEplay Review Video Contest!

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Due to my Mad Internet Skillz, I have found all the original videos that these entries were stolen from. Entries removed and reported all members to PSGL staff.
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Re: GAMEplay Review Video Contest!

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Case closed .