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Movie and TV Discussion

The place to discuss your favourite TV shows, new shows, and things you've maybe never watched.

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So what do people think of the new Top Gear? Personally, i was bored of the old show with Clarkson et al. It was painfully scripted over the last few years, terribly so, and i just did not find it funny. The really good travel/driving stuff they did was few and far between. They should have cut out the funny guy stuff year ago. I'm hoping their new show on Amazon is more like the specials where they went abroad and had some fun, but also showed off the countries and you actually learned something.

As for the new show, it was a little dissapointing that the format didn't really change. But that is what the BBC paid for. I thought the first show was alright, familiar but a little different. I thought the criticisim of Chris Evans was valid, it shouldn;t be the CE Show. However, i really enjoyed the second episode, LeBlanc is getting better and funnier and the content was really good. Scripted obviously, but less than the old stuff and far more natural and real between the presenters and guests.

I think all the criticism it is getting it people jumping on the bandwagon and not giving it time. It might take a series, maybe two, but i think this has been a good move in the long run. A good move for Top Gear and for the Clarkson posse.

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It won't work if they're trying to make a carbon copy of the old show with people who have no chemistry together. Pretty much the only thing keeping the old top gear slightly entertaining was how well the old three worked together and that can't really be replicated. It should go in another direction in my opinion.
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I thought the first episode was horrid. I gave the 2nd episode a chance on the Iplayer as I was extremely bored and I was pleasantly surprised, it seemed a lot more organised and less forced and the roadtrip was good fun to watch along with a brilliant Jenson Button cameo. I still prefer the old Top Gear though by far but I will tune into episode 3 after the football.

Chris Evans for me is such a big weak link, he just isn't likeable in the slightest. If Jenson retires after this season it'd be great to see him do the show alongside LeBlanc.

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alright guys lets post all the movies that you recently seen
and give your honest opinion :D

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Captain America: Civil War - Watched it last night after buying the DVD from Tesco and I wasn't disappointed. Was everything I expected from a Marvel movie. Good action and also some comedy.
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i know i seen it recently dont breath !! decent but not good copy out yet recommend goin cinema 6/10

Lights out - go cinema will s... your pants   8/10

The Shallowsabsolutely rubbish film 2/10

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates - i found it quite funny 6/10

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Trading Places,

Jamie Lee Curtis ;).

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Carlitos way
Donnie Brasco

All 10/10

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Recent films I've watched.

Captain America Civil War - Boring

XMen Apolcalypse - Boring. Disjointed story, hard to follow.

Deadpool - Really enjoyed it.

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Captain America - OK, some good action and comedy. 

The shallows - Think it needed jaws music lol! Thought it was ok

But I have just started to watch Stranger things on netflix, loving it so far! Had a few jumpy moments! The wife hides behind the cushions

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Deadpool good.
I really liked Suicide squad as well.

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I know there not films part 10 part mini series but BAND OF BROTHERS and THE PACIFIC hands down best watch ever