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The PSGL Tour Calendar - Season Four

Season Four Tour Calendar

Scarpacci Hills Restoration - created by Scarpacci

Harrison Mills Golf Club - created by Crazycanuck1985

October Harbor -

The K Club, Co. Kildare - created by colinmafia (Major - The PSGL Masters)
Pins: Thursday /Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Rattlesnake Lake Golf Club - created by Fangbelly

Falcon Bay Champions Course - created by drivert

Oakbush Golf Club - created by Mike1409

Royal Birkdale 2016 - created by Yeltzman (Major - The PSGL Open)
Pins: Thursday Dry / Friday Rain / Saturday Clear / Sunday Dry
(Highlands Theme - DLC Required)

Angel Downs Golf Club - created by Antiparosjez

Aqua Palms - created by wendy445

Angel Downs Golf Club - created by HBKeith

Glen Abbey GC - created by BoomBoom (Major - The PSGL Championship)
Pins: Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday