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Project CARS - First Impressions

Not sure if this is the right place to post?

But had the game on PS4 since yesterday and played about 5 or 6 hours so far and a few of my thoughts follow.

Im using a T300rs by the way.

The first thing was the views and camera settings, it took me ages to get the exact view to my liking. I love a lot of settings in games but when there is loads you tend to spend more time tweaking each one. I've turned down the over shaking camera and world shake. I can actually do consistent laps now.

There was just too much movement! it was hard to keep your eye on the bends and kurbs. Same can be said for the viewpoints, these too needed a lot of adjusting but its all fine now.

The game itself is a bit rough around the edges like custom hud elements getting reset sometimes when pausing the game but all in all these are just little niggles. The game handles really good, feedback is good too but not really tweaked force feedback yet.

The racing is very exciting when your actually on the track combined with all the settings and rules it makes for a great experience. Online works amazingly well, was playing earlier with a friend with no lag or glitching and his ping was 37.
Game ran well with AI cars in the online too and again all the options are a racing fans dream. You couldn't even tell the real driver from the AI it was that smooth, maybe with more people or longer distances that will create more lag?

All in all very pleased after the first couple of frustrating hours getting everything to my liking. Ive also moded my T300rs pedals with a bit of foam to create a dampened brake.

I'll be online tonight if anybody wants to join or watch on twitch, look me up.  :101:

Re: Project CARS - First Impressions

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Interesting, good to hear your thoughts. I may have to get your settings depending on how I get on. I'll be on tonight with my humble pad, and all day tomorrow. :)

Feel free to use this thread to post your own thoughts and discuss others.

Re: Project CARS - First Impressions

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I got the game thursday thanks to gameseek  :113: im using a pad and was dreading the online, the first game i went into was road america 3 laps with 5 random people, i actually came first which is rare for me, the handling is very good and there was zero race was against 15 people around the nurburgring, this time i finished 4th and again there was zero lag, also for some reason people were playing fair, no bumping people off....maybe i got lucky.

so far 8.5/10

If anyone can find a setting were i can see people on my friends lists lap times please let me know  :45:

Re: Project CARS - First Impressions

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Lucky buggers, we don't get it here in the States until Tuesday  :20: At least you guys can set some times for us to go against. I usually suck at racing games so I'll be on the bottom of leaderboards instead of near the top like in The Golf Club. From what I've seen of people streaming so far it's looked good. Will try and catch some of you guys streaming tomorrow when I have breakfast and lunch.

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Im actually getting bored with this very quickly, no fault of the single player game, but whats the point of spending YEARS making a game when you cant check people on your friends lists times? can do this in most other of duty..forza..gran turismo...ok not times in all of them but friends leaderboard scores, times ect.

Its like playing an off line game racing against nobodies you dont know.

Re: Project CARS - First Impressions

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It was tough to start with, a real challenge to control things. And it still is. However, using those controller settings which have been posted, and with practice, i have improved. But it is not an easy game, we wanted a sim and that is what we have been given!! I spent a good couple of hours today on the BMW Procar TT (limited edition DLC car) and pounded around Monza, and over time i really improved.

It is very much like how GT used to be for me, very difficult to just hop in and go fast. I will get a wheel in time, but i think it would still be a challenge on the wheel, i don't think it would make me any faster.

So, give it time people. This isn't Driveclub or any other arcade style racer. Practice, practice, practice.

Re: Project CARS - First Impressions

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did you press the options button humanfish?....i think its preset to have all aids off, i was in a f1 car this morning and hated it, if you press the options button it lets you turn traction on probobly know this  :104:

ive decided to stick with it, i hope theres a league or something set up at some point  :13:

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So far so good!!
And had a few races with tej, grumps, malc , chris well most here lol

Wow this game zaps your energy the concentration for each race is immense, most races the party goes quiet, then the odd swear word whem someone goes off.

Like most have said roll on the leagues

Re: Project CARS - First Impressions

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Love it.
Did not expect to be up a the front in those races and quick

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After many hours with the game I can say it's so far living up to the hype. Some of the online races we did got really intense and the level of concentration required makes finishing well a hell of an achievement.

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got the game on Friday, give it a few hours yesterday on the pad but I can't use it I haven't raced with a pad for about 4 years so my experience yesterday was terrible as I'm still waiting for my wheel to come today, hopefully things will feel 10 times better.
but apart from my pad using being SHOCKING I am very impressed with the game and I'm sure to catch some of you guys out on track

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Graphics and sounds are stunning.

Not finding the pad too difficult considering I haven't used a controller since when F1 2011 was released. I am using most of assists like Tej however still enjoyable.

Hopefully the T100 is a good buy, if so, I plan to get that, in a few weeks.

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Re: Project CARS - First Impressions

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I will be on bout 10 tonight if anybody around for an hour

Re: Project CARS - First Impressions

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I like the pad handling, just got to tune it - it's a very personal thing.

Game is properly challenging and has endless replay value and league possibilities. 10/10 from me so far