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Re: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Discussion [PS3 | PS4 | PC]

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Did anyone pick this up and if u did thought?

Last 2 games I haven't enjoyed the multiplayer but Black ops 3 has been really decent. I have won a fair few games as well which is unusual for me. Will defo get the next map pack

What I hate with a passion in the single player worst single player on Call Of Duty ever. So boring and easily forgettable

Zombies haven't dipped my toes in yet but looks hard from the videos I have seen

Re: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Discussion [PS3 | PS4 | PC]

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I played Advanced Warfare & hated the online in that game so never really played it but this one I freaking love! Not the best COD if you ask me but it's still very good. I've tried playing some zombies but the best I've done is level 8. It's so bloody hard from the previous zombie modes in my opinion
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Re: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Discussion [PS3 | PS4 | PC]

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DLC 5 was fully confirmed by Treyarch last night btw and for anyone who didn't watch the vid, there's 8 zombie maps coming back. They are:

- Kino
- Origins
- Ascension
- Moon
- Verruckt
- Shangri-la
- Nacht der untoten
- Shi No Numa

Releases on MAY 16th PS4 but they never mentioned a price
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