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I've made a MAHOOSIVE error

When cleaning up the forums a little i got a little click happy. I had been archiving threads within forum sections, and then deleting the sections themselves. However, for the orange PS4 zone i accidentally when straight to deleting the whole board  :102:  :20:

There were some really good threads in that section, a good number still active, and i've bloody deleted the lot  :22:

I'm very sorry guys, i'm normally very careful, but a lapse in concentration has really bit me in the arse.  :9:

If anyone can remember any of the important threads which were stickied, or indeed any of the normal threads that were reguarly used do feel free to start them again.

As it is, we will just have to build the sections up organically as and when threads are needed.

Re: I've made a MAHOOSIVE error

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Re: I've made a MAHOOSIVE error

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I think the anger fish felt by his mistake is caught brilliantly in this exclusive photo I've obtained
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