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Season Pass

Hey Guys,

I have taken over the admin duties of this league.

So I wanted to know who has the season pass?, as some do and some don't.  So when I create the challenges each week, I want to make sure I don't single anyone by selecting a car that most may not have access too.



Re: Season Pass

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I've got the season pass, has certainly been worth it so far!

Re: Season Pass

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Yeah I got the season pass! Would agree with pringles, definitely been worth it :D

Re: Season Pass

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not sure who has or hasnt got it, i have the lambo DLC and really wanna do a lambo only challenge but cant! May do it actually as a one off??   :39: :39:

Re: Season Pass

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I've got the pass as well, you could send a few messages out.

When you think how much Bungie are charging for 2 dlc's for Destiny, the Driveclub pass is an absolute bargain, makes me feel like I'm robbing them blind :3:

Re: Season Pass

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He lives!! Good to see you Plantsy.
I've got the pass as well. The DLC cars are great real fun, and the extra tour events add good longevity. I would have liked to have seen two three more locations released, but they never would have been part of the Season Pass anyway i guess.