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Top 5's

Hi all,

Interesting to hear what everyone's top 5 tracks and cars are - might help guide the challenges! ????

Mine to kick it off...

1. Tamil Nadu 01 (India)
2. Wester Ross (Scotland)
3. Los Pentos - excuse the spelling! (Chile)
4. Lake Shoji (Japan)
5. Skjolden (Norway)

1. Caterham (Super)
2. Ferrari 458 Specialle (Super)
3. Renault Twin-run concept (Super)
4. McLaren F1 LM (Hyper)
5. Ferrari Enzo (Hyper)

Re: Top 5's

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Don't know the tracks well but all the Japan ones are great.  

BAC MONO is by far my favourite car.

Re: Top 5's

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Same as Monty at the moment to be honest, not 100% sure what each track is etc., but i was quite impressed by the actual race tracks Evolution created. Nice layouts, interesting elevations, quite tricky. I hope there will be some more of these.

I love the Caterham as well, a banshee, and imense fun hooning along the Scottish roads. Just a normal weekend eh Blue!! Could you only get the McLaren F1 through preordering the game?

Re: Top 5's

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Yeh part of ignition DLC, bought the season pass when it came out, we'll worth it so far!

Re: Top 5's

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I looked at getting the season pass when Sony were offering the 10% off code. But i wasn't 100% sure what your were getting for the money, esecially when they gave some of the content away as an apology for the release. Was that getting replaced with more content, or did it just disapear from the season pass roster? Also, it looks like it was mainly tour events and cars getting added, i would really want more tracks and locations to go with the tour events.

Re: Top 5's

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There's going to be an additional release in the season pass to cover the 2 which were released for free. I know where you're coming from regarding tracks but it's kinda good they're all free so everyone has access to race on them, they just might not have as good cars to compete online. I enjoy tour events and collecting stars so keeps me happy but if you're not bothered it's probably not worth it!