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Football Manager Discussion Thread

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone plays Football Manager?

Started to really get back into it again over the past few weeks and managed to guide my beloved Newcastle to a 9th place finish in the league in my first season along with winning the FA Cup, putting me into the Europa League which I then won and finished 4th in the league in my second season. In pre season of my third season and France offered me the National Team job which I took alongside my club job. Never tryed doing both at the same time so this could be a challenge!

Facundo Ferreyra is an absolute machine, to think I nearly didn't pay the £6m in his loan aggreement to sign him after the first season, he then scored 37 goals in 42 games in my second season, before I completely forgot about the buyout clause in his contract which, when valued at £22.5m in game, allowed Juventus to come in and buy him for just £16m; gutted isn't the word!

Be good to hear some other stories from people that play it and perhaps get this thread active with updates from everyone's league. Perhaps even get a certain night sorted and get a network game going!?
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Re: Football Manager Discussion Thread

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Oh, the hours i used to spend playing this back when it was Champ Man and the first few years of Football Manager  lol  Litterally hours sat at the computer on a Saturday, its a wonder i didn't use a potty. I will talk with my brother and see i we can put a list together of great signings dating back to Champ Man '95. It'll be interesting to see where many of them ended up, no doubt most were wasted talent. Yes, you Mr Freddy Adu.

Re: Football Manager Discussion Thread

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Finding hidden gems has always been one of my favourite aspects of the game. Especially after a couple of seasons when the regens start to become good players.

A couple gems that I've found so far after two seasons are:

Nathan - 20 year old (18 when signed) Brazilian attacking midfielder signed from Atlético Paranaense for £4m. He's only made 7 starts (18 apps overall) in two seasons, be consistantly get's an average rating of 7 when he does play. Seems a bit injury prone, he's spent 25 weeks out injured over the two years, the most serious being a torn calf muscle which left him out for 3 months. Potential to be 4.5* overall.

Nene - 35 year old (35 when signed) Brazilian attacking midfielder signed from Al-Gharrafa, formally of PSG, on a free transfer. Was hit by a few injuries in the attacking mid role so signed him on a 1 year, 10k per week contract (with option of second) not expecting much. Managed to get 14 goals and 7 assists in 27 matches in just half a season. Fair to say the contract extension was optioned!

John Guidetti - 24 year old (23 when signed) Sweedish Striker signed from Celtic/Man City on a free as backup. Seems a bit inconsistant but has some decent all round stats and is currently valued at £8.75m in game. Scored 13 goals and got 7 assists in just 16 starts.

Kristoffer Ajer - 18 year old (17 when signed) Norwegian defensive midfielder signed from Start for £800k. Has only started 6 games and came on as a sub in another 6 but seems like a very solid player. Has the potential to become the full 5* rated and some of his best attributes include, whilst only being 18, being 6'6'', having '15' for First Touch, Passing, Technique and Strength. 16 in decisions, 17 in determination, vision and jumping reach and a 18 for natural fitness. Currently valued in game at £3.5m.

Lorenzo Crisetig - 23 year old (22 at the time) Italian central midfielder signed from Inter for £7.5m. Perhaps took a bit of a gamble on this one. Didn't have the greatest stats when signed but I remembered him being good on FM14. Developed into a brilliant player after just a single season, with at least a 15 for every attribute in 'mental' and 'physical' along with 16 passing. Doesn't seem to contribute much goal mouth wise, only scored 2 goals and gotten 3 assists 45 starts, yet had an average rating of 6.90 over them 45 starts, which says a lot about the rest of his game.

Tom Ince -  24 year old (24 when signed) English Winger/Attacking Midfielder signed from Hull for just £1m. Once again didn't have the greatest stats when signed but took the gamble considering he only cost £1m in the January window with his contract expiring in 6 months time and needed a back up English winger for Europa League. Got 6 goals and 3 assists in 9 starts (and 11 subs) along with 5 player of the match awards. Average rating of 7.22 in those 20 apps, looks like this season could be a good one.

Special mentions to Raphael Flores; 17 year old (16 when signed) English left back (regen) signed from Watford for £1.6m; hasn't played a match yet but has 4.5* potential. Along with Ian Molyneaux, 15 year old (15 when signed) English attacking midfielder (regen) signed for £825k from MK Dons. Once again, hasn't played a game but is already 1.5* ability at just 15 years old, with the potential to come the full 5*!
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