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How is the Xbox One these days?

It probably wasn't worth it when it first came out but now that the Xbox One is beginning to gain momentum and there are more games that are on par graphics wise with PS4, would you say it's worth getting one now?

Re: How is the Xbox One these days?

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I know this is a old post but thought I would give my opinion on the Xbox one as I have recently purchased one and I'm interested to hear what everyone thinks?

The main interface of the PS4 is really simple and doesn't take long to understand but with the Xbox it feels slightly complicated especially when you first sign in and there are some good things on there which I like (I haven't actually tried to order Dominos Pizza through my xbox but might give it a go)

The graphics are not too bad but you can tell straight away that the resolution and power is nowhere compared to the PS4 and it felt like a complete role reversal because over the years it was the xbox that was considered the "Gaming Console" while the playstation felt more like a social media console but this time round it's swapped over and the xbox has far more social aspects to it then the PS4.

I do enjoy playing on the xbox and though I will play some games on there (no idea yet) but the PS4 will always be my main console as it's the best one.

What are your thoughts?

(Free free to add me on the xbox - Kipperstickz)