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GT6 Pro League - Season 3 - Champion

THG-SaxoPro is once again the GT6 champion.  Congratulations  :111:

Thanks to everyone who participated this season and also for making it easy for a me to admin - it has been a pleasure. 

Hopefully with the new community features more people will come back to GT6 and make another season possible for the site.


Re: GT6 Pro League - Season 3 - Champion

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Good season, good points total.  
Just a shame it was so empty this season.  
Well done.


Re: GT6 Pro League - Season 3 - Champion

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Thanks guys, some really good events this season! :D And Monty did a great job too, thanks for the races!

As for next season, I'd love to race with you all again; the new Community section is great and a lot of the connectivity bugs seem to have been ironed out - so we'll see how people feel. We'll need more than just the 5 of us to keep it interesting though.

Perhaps we could put on some sort of new year event to showcase the site?