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Super Smash Bros for Wii U Discussion [WiiU]

I'm not sure how many of us actully have Wii Us but I imagine that the ones who do will probably know about this little game.


Having had the game since Friday I can say it's an absolute blast. The real meat of the game is in the multiplayer so that's why I made this thread so I can get a few more playmates to have a smashing good time.  :113:

Re: Super Smash Bros for Wii U Discussion [WiiU]

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My kids will be getting this for xmas. Matthew ( my older one ) is kick arse at melee and brawl.

Re: Super Smash Bros for Wii U Discussion [WiiU]

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I know Betrayer plays a fairbit of WiiU, its about time  lol  there was probably a years worth of dust on the damn thing :)

I've been reading that there is a good amount of games out, or coming out now for the console. But personally, it is an awful lot of money for what effectively is a Mario machine. It would need to be £150 with a game for me to even consider it. I have never actually owned a Nintendo console, and i can't see that changing if i am honest.

I am getting an iPad mini for Chrimbo and i am quite interested to see what games are available for it. After looking at some website and YouTube reviews there seems to be a great selection out there. When you consider all the other functionality you get with a tablet, you begin to see why kids, and adults, don't buy handhelds anymore. Well, apart from in Japan.

Re: Super Smash Bros for Wii U Discussion [WiiU]

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True but nintendo have joined the "figure" bandwagon with the new "Amibos"

So not only do i have to buy the game but also the amibo characters too. Plus the "must have" gamecube controller, well to one mario for Matthew an luigi for Dan. Then the gamecude wii u adapter. All in all over £250 spent :(

Couple that with Disney inifinity and Skyanders being a Dad of two young lads isnt cheap these days.

Re: Super Smash Bros for Wii U Discussion [WiiU]

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Yea, I was speaking to a guy at work who had bought the starter pack of the Disney one. It sounds like a licence to print money.

Whereas in years gone by you would have spent £60 and got a a full game full of characters and level, it seems you now need to buy these packs to get a few characters and an area of levels.

Like many things in gaming, blame Activision for starting it lol