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PSN Friends List has Vanished

According to my PS3 i have no friends and according to my PS4 23 are online but it won't tell me who (just blank boxes or the loading circle)  :?:

Can anyone shed any light?

And i don't think it's just that everyone hates me  ;)

Re: PSN Friends List has Vanished

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I get a loading friends list an aaawful lot on my PS4, just blank boxes or no boxes and a loading circle.
It must be Sony's side with shitty servers, they need to sort this out and optimise more in the next update. It is a joke when you can't load the the list and send a message or invite.

Re: PSN Friends List has Vanished

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I had this happen to me once, It's just a PSN thing. Will probably me fixed in the morning

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