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Official TGC Tournament - Volvo World Match Play Championship [FINISHED]

Volvo World Match Play Championship Tournament - London Golf Club

The Volvo World Match Play Championship is currently under way in England at the fantastic London Golf Club and the developers of TGC have made available their version of the famous course The International. You will be able to find it  in the ‘Recommended’ section under tournaments. This is an official two round tournament which ends on Sunday.

The Course

This is undoubtedly one of the finest downland courses in Europe. Fast, undulating fairways allow you to chase the ball into position. The course is punctuated with exciting risk and reward tee shots over water that really get the heart pumping.

The Tournament

The tournament was founded by sports agent, Mark McCormack, as a showcase for the players he managed. The inaugural event in 1964 was won by Arnold Palmer, who was McCormack's first client. The calibre of the winners has consistently been very high, with the majority of the tournaments being won by players who have been ranked in the top two in the Official World Golf Ranking or its predecessor Mark McCormack's world golf rankings.

The event consisted of 36-hole matches played in a single day. The event had an eight man field from 1964 to 1976. It expanded to 16 players for 1977 and 1978. In 1979, the field was 12 players, with four seeded players being given a bye in the first round. For its first 40 years the tournament was an unofficial one, highly regarded by golf fans in Britain and many other countries outside the United States, popular with players, and happily coexisting with the European Tour, at whose home course it is played, but not taken into account on an official tour money list. The introduction in 1999 of the 64-man WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship, which selected its field on the basis of the World Rankings, was a blow to the prestige of the older event, whose exhibitional aspects, with a small invited field, were emphasised by contrast.

In 2003, the tournament was given a major overhaul. Greatly increased sponsorship was secured from the largest British based bank, HSBC, and the winner's prize was increased to £1 million, which was then easily the largest in world golf. In 2004, the field was increased to 16 players, all of whom need to play eight rounds of golf to win, to eliminate the advantage previously given to seeds. World ranking points were allocated to the event (for the first time since 1999), and the championship became an official money European Tour Order of Merit event.

In recent years, Americans have tended to decline their invitations. In 2005, no Americans took part at all, and with stalwart Ernie Els injured and Vijay Singh and Sergio García also absent, the field was one of the weakest seen at the event, with just one player from the world top ten. The 2006 event had a considerably stronger field with six of the world's top ten players headed by the world's top two ranked players Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk. But in January 2007 HSBC activated a break clause in its ten year contract and withdrew from sponsorship after the 2007 event. After HSBC withdrew its sponsorship in 2007, the tournament was given another major overhaul. After a break in 2008, the tournament returned in 2009 with Volvo as the new title sponsor. The event moved from Wentworth to the Finca Cortesín Golf Club near Málaga in Spain. The format switched to an opening round robin, with 16 players divided into four groups and the winners advancing to the 36-hole semi-finals. The qualifying criteria were also changed to include certain players based on their nationality. The total prize money for 2009 was €3,250,000, with €750,000 of that going to the winner.

After another break in 2010, the tournament returned in May 2011, several months earlier than the traditional date in autumn. The field was expanded to 24 players, split into eight groups, playing in a round robin format. The top two players from each group would progress to the knockout stage. Unlike previous years, all matches would be played over 18 holes. The total prize money for 2011 was €3,400,000, with €800,000 of that going to the winner. In 2013, the event was held in Bulgaria, becoming the first European Tour event in Bulgaria. Volvo has requested that the championship be moved to geographical areas of interest for the company and therefore the event will be rotated around Europe.

How To Take Part
Look under the 'Recommended' section for official TGC tournaments.

Also, see the tutorial videos provided by the developers and organised here

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Re: Official TGC Tournament - Volvo World Match Play Championship

Reply #1
is our deadline 19th, Fishy?

Re: Official TGC Tournament - Volvo World Match Play Championship

Reply #2
I believe so mate, that's what HB Studios have stated. But I am not sure when.

If I see you on I will join you for a round. See how our scores compare to the pros.

Re: Official TGC Tournament - Volvo World Match Play Championship

Reply #3
Yeah happy to give it a try. So this is a REAL course? That's cool.

Re: Official TGC Tournament - Volvo World Match Play Championship

Reply #4
Apparently. I've never played it, virtually or in real life. So I am
Not sure if it is 1:1 accurate.

Re: Official TGC Tournament - Volvo World Match Play Championship

Reply #6
Just played this and glad i did as i've come to realise that if i don't play for a few days i completely lose my touch  ;) especially on the greens. Glad to get a couple of rounds in before the next tour event.

Got my swing in order eventually but putting was atrocious so only managed -3 overall. Speed of the greens caught me out both with approach shots and putting.

Only real highlight was an eagle at the last of my 2nd round....

First time i've used ShareFactory. Very nifty....


Re: Official TGC Tournament - Volvo World Match Play Championship

Reply #7

Ditto Jacko, my putting really failed me on these two rounds. I was failing to hole putts at 5 to 8 feet, which was frustrating to say the least  lol  I missed a solid 8 birdie chances across the two rounds, and i really need to work on judging the lie because some the greens will be even more challenging on the harder course on the tour.

I enjoyed the course though, challenging greens if you aren't accurate into the pin, but rewarding.