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GT6 TT Rules and Regulations [OLD]

Listed below are all the rules and regulations you will need to participate in the GT6 TT league

The Event

Each event will last for 2 weeks, starting on a Monday and concluding at 10pm the Sunday after next. There will be no exceptions and any time posted after 10pm on the sites clock will not count

Each event will have a selected Car and track on which to compete.

The Car

Chosen at random and can be fully tuned Including everything that can be bought in game.

The Track

Again chosen at random and must be the one you compete the TT on

Submitting a time

Once you have completed you TT you will be required to take a photo of your time, which includes the car and if possible the track. It doesnt have to be fantastic just legible clearly showing the time you've done. You may enter as many times as you like within the events time frame.

Any questions about the GT6 TT league please pm me Betrayer46  :113: