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Well i got off my fat arse last night and set up Pcars on my new PC.  Its alot easier now you can download through steam.

All i can say if WOW, its a game changer. I never really had the chance to play it properly before as my graphics card was just not capable. But boy what a game. I spent 2hrs just driving round Monza in an Atom.

I cant comment about Iracing as ive never played it.

I still might get this though.

Dont bother with Iracing, Waste of money.

I cant compare this to pCARS as i haven't played pCARS but from video's i've seen they seem very similar in handling and feel. Graphically i would say pCARS is better but pCARS has been around longer so you never know. But either way we have a great future of racing games coming our way!

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Thats a plus for PC gaming. There's no way im gonna buy another wheel just for the PS4. Sim racing on PC, pad racing on console it will have to be.

I think sony are seriously missing a trick with lack of wheel support for the PS4. Just look at the net feedback over microsofts xbox 1. People are really really annoyed that all the xbox 360 wheels are not and never will be backwards compatible.

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Might have to have a look at assetto corsa though. :)

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It's good fun! Driving monza from 1966 in a classic lotus f1 car is great fun! Personally the satisfaction I get driving the f1 car around imola is great, the speed and grip is just fantastic. I have never experienced a game that hives me so much satisfaction in any car or track. With a good pc you will have a ball! I'm only running at 23FPS max but it's still great! I have had to dumb the graphics down. I still haven't got my wheel 100% sorted but it's not far off and it supports 900degree rotation!

They release updates every 2 weeks so you really can see progress each month. I have to say like you jim wheel for sim (pc) pad for console granted my wheel wont work on a ps4. Dont fancy getting a new one.If you get the chance jim take a look of some videos of assetto corsa on youtube!

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Got it, had a go.... will write up a review and comparison with Pcars.

Might even try and do a capture with my lap top and hd pvr

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Ok ive had real issues today with connecting to steam and both Pcars and assetto corsa. To the point where i gave up after 2 hours :( The pain of pc gaming!!

Anyhow, a few points to each.

Set up.

Really good in Pcars. The wheel was really easy to set up and with little fuss once on track. the other setting ie visuals etc are over complicated imo. Too many options and most i have no idea what they do!

the wheel wizard didnt work in Assetto Corsa for me. It took me 30mins to get the wheel and pedals to work then a further 10-15 mins of playing about. ( I know i have a pretty unusual wheel so maybe this is why )
But all the other settings ie visuals are nice and easy, not over complicated and easy to use.


Pretty good in both. Pcars has more to offer as it has a career mode which atm is lacking in assetto. Both are easy to follow and straight to the point. easy to navigate in both cases.


I ran both in 1920 x 1080 50hzs. In all honesty not a lot to choose between them. In Pcars the cars look over shiny and it runs smoother in Assetto. But the one thing that blew me away was a race i had round Donington. It was late evening turning into dusk. My word, the sun was amazing and you really felt as if you were really their. Yes GT6 does the same thing but this was on a different level. I was squinting whilst driving.

I did a few laps round Moza in both, mid day, and as ive said before not alot in it. Assetto does run more smoothly.


Here lies the main difference.

I found myself having to use some assists in Pcars just to keep the car on the track. After a while i removed some.
In Assetto Corsa I found i had to remove all the assists to be able to drive the car.

In Pcars, its hard to rectify a mistake, the two cars i did drive, Renualt Clio and ford touring car, has understeer issues as you'd expect. Brake late and you where in the gravel. Nice controlled input on the wheel, brake and accelerator were needed. It is as near as you can get to proper driving

I only got a chance to drive one car in assetto, the fiat abarth 500. It needed respect, you couldnt just "chuck it about". Easier to correct and less chance of a trip to the kitty litter. Yes it had the expected understeer issues being a front wheel drive car but not as bad as Pcars. Again could be the choice of car.

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Good review.

Sometimes I really wish I had a good pc  :24: 

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A look at Assetto Corsa and some laps
Lotus Exos 125 stage 1 @ Nurburgring GP
McLaren MP4-12C GT3 @ Silverstone GP
Ferrari 312T @ Monza 1966
BMW M3  E92 stage 1 @ Mugello

Assetto Corsa

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Bit of an odd development this one, considering pCARS has just released. You kind of feel like they have maybe missed the boat. But i guess the more choice the better!!

But what exactly does it offer that is different? I vaguely remember reading that it is a pretty bare bones game in terms of online modes and settings etc.

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Its now out as a full game. I have it on PC and its very detailed in settings etc. Very strong game. Adding features as they go if you like. They just had there first big dlc. Graphically its stunning. I have it in 1080p at 60fps solid. And its beautiful. But its missing stuff. Core features. Like a stabe career mode etc. Ill watch it closely. Ill pull up a list of features that the pc version has. And ill list them here.