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Mario Kart 8 Discussion [WiiU]

And so it starts again. My life is now over for the next few months. Alll im gonna get is " Dad, will you play MK8 with me."
Here's a little preview of our first online race. Hard to believe i not only beat my son but also everyone else, get it!!

Quick review:

Its Mario Kart, nuff said for most people who've play any of its fore fathers. Frustratingly brilliant, again rewarding those who are lucky rather than technically gifted.
Blue shells can now be "blocked" by a type of horn that, when activated at the right moment, can blow the shells away. But it doesnt stop the most annoying thing of all, the feeling of being "cheated" nearly every race. Leading by a big margin over 2 and a half laps only to get repeatedly hammered just before the finishing line to leave you at best 6th or 7th, grrrrrrrr.
The new added feature of anti gravity is good, as are the MK7 features of flying or more precisely gliding. Different routes make for quicker laps but you have to nail each corner, powersliding your way round the whole course to conquer.
Looks are really good, the Wii in HD with the usual brilliant colours and typical course design.
This is one of the reasons why, if you havent, you should buy a wii u.

I'll still be crap in 2 months time but no doubt i;ll have had some great laughs with my boys, maybe even winning the odd online race too.

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Not bad going, 1st and 2nd in your first race  <ns>
I've never played MK to be honest, or i may have done once or twice. I've never actually owned a Nintendo either. Why i was young i would always go around to my friend who had one. And now, there is not alot that grabs me. If i had kids, i'd definately buy a WiiU so that they could experience Mario etc. But i think Tendo have the problem at the moment that people like myself, 25-35 yrs old with no kids, have almost no reason to get a WiiU.

It looks great though, really nice to see such an iconic franchise finally enter the age of HD. Five years later than everyone else, but its here.

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I've always been a Nintendo fan. They made the best games in my youth. I've owned every Nintendo console except the N64 (when i went off gaming) and the WiiU. And the only reason I don't own a WiiU is because the games I would get aren't out yet.

But next year they're releasing Star Fox and Zelda. I will have to get one as I absolutely love Zelda. The new gameplay looks stunning.

I'll pick up Mario Kart and Smash Bros along the way. Hoping for new Metroid, F Zero games too but not optimistic. 

Re: Mario Kart 8 Discussion [WiiU]

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I was always a Sega fan in my youth, well in my 20's. But my kids love nintendo. I did up until very recently spend most of my time playing nintendo games thanks to my kids. Now i just get my arse kicked at FIFA by the little one.