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I did see it, but i assumed it was a tablet. A bloody phone!!??

It was tucked away behind the wheel. The tablet showed the throttle/brake and laptimes.

Made me want a fanatec wheel even more! Pain they are so expensive! I'm really hoping the racing games at the expo have wheels instead of pads.  Now that thrustmaster are the "official" wheel, lets hope they have some there?!?

And have just noticed this is quick reply! Like it

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Looks great but I bet it cost a lot  :109: .

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Yeah it does, if he was to sell it £4000, and lots of hours building! The frame he made himself.

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Great stuff, love the end of the video  :21:
Thats a serious setup   :13:  You need to step it up now Jim!!

Jim is more than happy with his set-up. I've never used a multi-screen set up but i have used a butt-kicker. He's got a fanatec wheel and shifter. All he needs is a ClubSportWheel and ClubSportShifter and he'there!!

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If you ever fancy wasting your evenings having fun on a full on sim this is it. It's really fun but expensive if you want to use more tracks/cars. If you have a spare £10 i would give it a go. It's good fun!

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Iracing is very good. Probably the best in terms of multiplayer. But 100$ for 1 year isn t cheap. And  you gotta commit to it if you want to work youre way up. Simraceway feels very nice as monty menchioned and you can start playing without paying a penny. Game stock car extreme is also very good and pretty cheap(around 20€ i think) but only a few people on multiplayer as it is not well known yet i guess. The best sim out there imo is assetto corsa which also has a big modding community, so a lot of extra tracks and cars. Still some work on the game, specialy the multiplayer part.

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The rig is my pics, is now for sale!

Any interested parties please let me know.?

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Had a go at a full on race! Get penalized for everything, you can only go off track so many times before your black flagged!

It was my mate filming, so excuse the ruffling over the mic.

About 2 laps after the film ends, it got a bit hairy and I nearly totaled the car!

Oohhh and my 1000th post  :113: :36:

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So my friend has decided to for the rig up for sale!

Below is the spec and whats included.

  • Windows 7 (64bit) PC, G Force GTX660 graphix card

  • i5-4430 [email protected], 8GB ram

  • With Sim Commander software

  • Fanatec Forza motorsport CSR wheel, clubsport pedals, Derek Speare Sequential Shifter, Thrustmaster TH8RS Shifter.

  • ButtKicker Gamer2  with 2 shackers one for the pedals and one on the seat.

  • Creative 5.1 speakers

  • 3 X Iiyama ProLite E2773HDS screens Reviews Here

  • bespoke tubular frame

  • Mint condition Sparco EVO 2 seat on runners.

I can send more detailed photos if required.

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Is anybody still on iracing. I wana do the daytona 24 end of janurary but need team mates