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GT6 League Rules and Regulations [OLD]

Listed below are the rules and regulations for the coming GT6 league which will be known as the GT6 Pro-League: Season 3

Lobby set up

All league races will be held on a Wednesday. The lobby will be open between 6.30 7pm.There will be four main parts for each event, they are:


This will allow you to home in your times and try different things prior to the actual race event. There will be no points for fastest lap, nor will your time count for qualifying.

You will be expected to drive "properly" during the practice session and it will be treated as an official part of the event. Please avoid collisions and if you are on an out lap or in lap let others though.


Qualifying will start no later than 7.30pm. It will be up to the host when qualifying starts but must wait until 8pm if not all drivers have entered the room.

The duration of qualifying will depend on the length of the circuit the event is being held on plus the speed of the car being used. But the rule of thumb will be:

To allow for 2 full laps plus 30sec. The minimum length the qualifying can be set for is 5mins so most of the time you'll find the session will last 5mins

If the event is being held , at say , Nurburgring nordsceilfe then the qualifying will more than likely be 15mins.

Points will be awarded to the driver who claims pole ( go to points rules for more info )

The qualifying session will find out the grid for the first race of the event, the...

Sprint Race

As the name suggests this is a short length race lasting around 15mins. The grid will be found during the qualifying session. The driver who sets the fastest lap in qualifying will stat from pole, working down to the driver who finished last in the qualifying session, starting last on the grid

There are no tyre restrictions for this race.

We may use the fastest tyre available from the choice given in the race event thread (go to " tyre rules" for more info)

A compulsory pit stop is not required for this event

However some of the events may require you to complete a pit stop. You may pit during any given sprint race as many times as you wish

Points will be awarded for position and for the fastest lap ( go to points rules for more info )

Feature Race

This is the main event of the evening lasting twice as long as the sprint race. ( approx 30 mins in length )

The grid will be made up from the result of the sprint race. However the grid will be reversed, meaning the driver who finishes first in the sprint will start from the back for this event.

New for season 3: PP handicap system

For the first event everyone will use and abide by the same PP/bhp limit. However from week two the following will happen:

The winner of the previous weeks feature race will have 15PP reduced from the limit ie if the weeks pp is 500 he will drop the PP down to 485PP

Second will be expected to drop his PP by 10

Third will be expected to drop his PP by 5

The three drivers who are carrying a PP handicap will be expected to go to the track first, one of the league admin or any other driver will check the lobby setting to make sure all rules have been obeyed :113:

Any questions about the new PP handicap system please contact Betrayer46 by pm

You will be required to make at least one pit stop during this event and use at least two different types of compound

Points will be awarded for position and for the fastest lap ( go to points rules for more info )

General lobby set up

Penalties - Weak
Tyre wear - Very Fast
Slipstream - Real
Damage - Weak
Qualifying - Race alone

Assist rule

During the practice, qualifying and both races the following will be banned:

Skid recovery
Active Stability Management
Active steering

the following can sill be used for all events

Traction Control
Racing line
Blind spot

Tyre Rule

Each event will have its own tyre regulation which will be set out by the host in the "race event thread"***

Race cars will use Racing tyre sets
Sports softs, mediums and hards
Road cars will use Sports tyre sets
Race softs,mediums and hards

You may use any of the three choices at any time during practice, qualifying and sprint race.

For the feature race you must use at least two different types ie soft and hard or soft and medium or indeed mediums and hards. There is no limit on the number of pit stops.

You must complete at least 3 laps on each different set of tyres in the feature race. An out lap, full lap and in lap

If you fail to use both Tyre sets in the feature race, then you'll receive a 50 seconds penalty from the Administrators in your finishing time

Points scoring

Points will be awarded for:

Qualifying: 5 points for pole

Fastest Lap: (Both sprint and feature race) 3 points

Sprint race:

1st  15
2nd 10
3rd   8
4th   6
5th  4
6th  3
7th  2
8th  1

Feature Race

1st  25
2nd 18
3rd  12
4th  10
5th  8
6th  5
7th  3
8th  1

Prestige Race

1st  80
2nd  56
3rd  40
4th  32
5th  24
6th  18
7th  10
8th   2


If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a disconnect the following will occur:

Sprint race.

Points will be awarded depending on when you disconnected and what position you were in. ie if you disconnect on lap 10 of a 15 lap race and were in 2nd the following will happen.

9 ( the number of completed laps you made ) divide 15 ( no of laps in the race ) times 11 ( the points on offer for 2nd )

So 9 ÷ 15 x 11 = 6.6 rounded to the nearest .5 will make your points score 6.5

Feature race

The same formula will be used as the sprint race. ie
If you disconnect on lap 30 of a 35 lap race whilst in first

29 ÷ 35 x 25= 20.7 rounded to 20.5

Grid position after disconnection

If there is a disconnect during the sprint race the host has two options available:

1) Make the driver who disconnects move off the grid on the start and join the back of the field
2) reset the grid order in the options and manually make the grind order the usual ( cars going to track in order and driving off not overtaking each other

Event Race thread

The race thread will be posted up by the Saturday before the event is due to take place.

There are going to be two different types of events this season.


No alterations will be allowed to the car except for:

oil change

both of which can be bought in the pit service section within the GT6 main menu.

The room will have a BHP limit which will be what a new car is plus an oil change


Every part that can be bought in the GT6 garage plus all those in the pit service section and custom section can be used. The host will limit the room to either BHP or PP details of which will be in the race thread


A one race event roughly 45mins in length. Qualifying as normal, fastest time starts on pole.

The usual restrictions apply for tyre choice, two different kinds of compound out of hards, mediums and softs

Points for Qualifying and Fastest lap as normal but double race points are up for grabs! ( see Points rules )


1) in the event a stable lobby cant be opened and there is trouble with connections there will be an option to open two rooms and split the field. One member of each team in each room.

*NB it will be up to the league admin and host to decide on what to do regarding this eventuality. No time scale will be set but must be taken into account

2) If the lobby cant be set up by the host one of the other league admin must host the room. The only time this will no apply is when point 1 above happens. The host must dictate who sets the room up and must make sure its been set up properly as set out in the rules and regulations here and for the event itself.

3) if all else fails and a stable lobby cant be reached then it will be up to the host to decide whether to cancel the event. Races will not be postponed unless all drivers can agree on a day and time. It must be completed before the next event the following week.

4) Penalties for poor driving.

Unlike F1 we all have the ability to save the replay. It is suggested that all drivers do this. If any incidents should happen that you are not happy with please use the "PM" system here on the site ( contracting the league admin and myself ) and do not post on the forum. Every incident will be looked at by the league admin, THG-Sonam-jakewarrior16-razor and Betrayer46 (if im racing)

If there is an underlying problem with "incidents" during the season a penalty point system will be introduced but only as a last resort.

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If you're unhappy with the changes and there is a need for it, the semi pro league will return. But what i dont want is two leagues with 3-4 drivers in each.

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** updates to event and points rules to include Prestige race details **

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Updated for season 3


No more tyre rule as we've had over the last few seasons but please check out the new PP handicap system. Any questions please contact me by pm or over psn.